Deceased August 11, 2020

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In Memory

Jack died with his son, U.S. Navy Capt. Jeffrey Feinberg, daughter, Suzy ’88, and granddaughter, Tenley, at his bedside after a prolonged illness.

Jack entered Amherst with his eye on Harvard Business School, and, while a student, his instinct for business resulted in ridding the Phi Psi house of a long and encumbering mortgage. But fate is fickle; after one year at Harvard, he switched to medicine, a decision that resulted in a very successful and rewarding career as a cardiologist in Scottsdale, Ariz.

His death was preceded by the passing of Judy, his beloved wife of 54 years.

Jack dearly loved Amherst and will be missed by his friends and family.

Charles Winkelman ’56