Deceased June 26, 2017

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In Memory

Jim’s wife, Carole, advised me of his passing on June 26 in Plymouth, Mass., after an undisclosed serious illness. Jim was a very private person and thus evidently did not want an obituary, so this short summary will have to suffice. Four kids and nine grandchildren. One son is a general in the army. Jim worked his entire life at IBM. He and Carole married before graduation and, in fact, had their first child prior to graduation, in April of 1956. Jim came to Amherst from Hingham (Mass.) High School.

He was a member of Alpha Delt and a four-year outstanding running back on Lord Jeff’s football teams, which can forever boast four straight victories over Williams. He was called Amherst’s most consistent ground gainer in our senior season.

Henry Pearsall ’56