Deceased April 8, 2017

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In Memory

As one has come to expect at our advanced age(s), the unwelcome news continues quite unabated. The latest victim of the Grim Reaper in my neck of the woods is the good John Q. Griffith III, known to one and all simply as “Griff.” Griff lost his cara sposa, “Cassie” just last year, and had not been up to snuff since. His best friends at Phi Delt were Herb Pasternak, M.D. ’56, and Dave Pilcher, M.D. ’56—all amongst the dearly departed. Only John Elsbree ’56 and I seem to have survived.

A chemistry/biology major at Amherst, Griff’s entire career of 30-plus years was with Sun [Oil] Co. Inc. down along the Delaware River in or near Marcus Hook, Pa., where he was the longtime manager of the Fuels Division, with major concerns about the environment and natural resources: coal, fuel oil and, of course, other petroleum products.

Before and after he retired, he and Cassie had a neat cottage in South Bethany Beach, Del., where they both earned well-deserved reputations as accomplished crabbers in the abundant nearby bays. His advice to us in 2006: “If you want to do it and can afford it, do it now. Later may never come!”

R.I.P., old friend.

George C. “Skip” Corson Jr. ’56