Ralph E. Greene ’56 died June 22, 2012.
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Ralph graduated from Dunbar High School in the District of Columbia and received a full academic scholarship to the college. His major was chemistry, which led him to begin medical school at Howard University. Ralph graduated from Howard in 1960, and after an internship at Freedmen’s and residency in Baltimore’s City Hospital, he emerged as a decorated medical doctor in obstetrics and gynecology.

Ralph’s medical career spanned four decades and included private practice in the District of Columbia as well as stellar service in the army and navy and free clinics in Prince George’s County (Md.) and the District. He was an avid volunteer in Peoples Congregational Church and the Columbia Beach Association.

While at Howard, Ralph met his wife of 55 years, Florida Ella Beach. They were married in the Howard University chapel on June 16, 1957. They had two children, Ralph Edward Greene Jr. in 1960 and Denise Angela Greene in 1964.

Though he was proud of his professional accomplishments, being a doctor did not define him. He was more motivated by knowledge and was obsessed with accumulating it. A man of sharp insight and often sharper opinion, he led with his beliefs and shared his intellect. He often looked to help and always sought to learn. He loved music, his boat, a cold beer, Civil War history, dancing, travel, dressing sharp and looking cool. He hated traffic, really cold weather, hypocrisy and his allergies.

He died on July 22, 2012, with his family by his side. The memorial service was at his church on July 27. He touched more people than we can count and will be missed in ways we cannot imagine.

—Ella Greene

—Jim Blackburn ’56

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