Deceased December 17, 2019

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In Memory

Chuck died Dec. 17—peacefully, courageously and with equanimity after a long illness. He is survived by Pat, his wife of 64 extraordinarily close and happy years; son Kevin ’81; daughter-in-law Kate; and grandson Bob.

At Amherst he was a Chi Phi, majored in history, played basketball and was a ROTC participant. After his mandatory U.S. Air Force stint, he began a successful career in the plastics industry, a 60-year profession he never left because of his many close client relationships and their deep respect for his integrity.

David Schwartz ’56 and Chuck were lab partners in sophomore geology. Neither could tell one rock from another, but they laughed and bonded, struggling through the course. Chuck loved the College, attending many Amherst events and volunteering his energy to make our reunions successful.

Upon graduation, the USAF assigned us to Ellington AFB, Houston, where the relationship between the four of us, (including Pat—they married before graduation) was cemented. A Sunday ritual was going to the Galveston beach, drinking beer; returning, Chuck would lead us in song; and we can easily recall his voice booming one of his favorites: “Bung, bung, bung, bung, bung. Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream…”

We shared a lifetime of joyous get-togethers: parties at the McCarthys’ Longmeadow home, homecoming gatherings, family celebrations, ski trips and annual summer weekends at the Lewis’ Cooperstown lakefront home. Chuck relished life, his friends, good food, travels with Pat, reading, crossword puzzles, golf, fishing and much more.

He was a great storyteller, always laughing and reliving our adventures over the years, and a fine, competitive athlete (as his golfing friends know). He lived and breathed the Red Sox, Patriots and Boston Celtics (owned by Wyc Grousbeck, son of Irv Grousbeck ’56).

Our hearts are sad at losing Chuck, but we will forever smile, cherishing memories of his company, humor, warmth and friendship.

David Schwartz ’56 and William Lewis ’56