Summer 2013

Submitted by James A. Hebda (inactive) on Tuesday, 6/18/2013, at 2:30 PM

This summer I am working with Alex Pearlman, a post-baccalaureate researcher, to reproduce and expand on some exciting observations he made toward the end of his Senior Thesis research project.  He is continuing his work studying the oligomerization of Alpha Crystalline B.

I am also working with Raysa Cabrejo.  She is starting her Senior Thesis project and will be working with a small heat shock protein.  She will also be expanding the lab's focus by bringing in Gamma Crystallin D as a tool to study chaperone function.

Shahzad Anwar is also starting his Senior Thesis project this summer.  He will be working with me to use single molecule FRET techniques to study Calmodulin.  His project will study proposed sequences from several proteins believed to be important for functional control through changes in intercellular calcium concentrations through recognition and modulation by calmodulin.