Spring 2015


Listed in: Anthropology and Sociology, as ANTH-431  |  Asian Languages and Civilizations, as ASLC-494  |  History, as HIST-494


Christopher T. Dole (Section 01)
Monica M. Ringer (Section 01)


(Offered as HIST 494 [ME], ANTH 431, and ASLC 494.) At different points in its nearly 2000-year history, the city now known as Istanbul has been the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. In 2010, Istanbul was selected as the “Cultural Capital of Europe.” Over this long history, millions of people and multiple communities have called Istanbul their home—each shaping the city with distinct visions of the past and longings for the future. As innumerable identities (communal, religious, national, ethnic) have been both claimed and erased to serve a variety of political, economic, and social ideologies over millennia, Istanbul stands today as a city where the meanings of space and place are contested like few others. This  seminar explores the connections between contemporary politics and society in Turkey through the contested histories of space and place-making in Istanbul, with special attention to the varied historical legacy of architecture of the city. This is a research seminar and a Global Classroom course. One class meeting per week.

Limited to 12 students. Preference to junior and senior majors. Spring semester.  Professors Dole and Ringer.

Part of the Global Classroom Project. The Global Classroom Project uses videoconferencing technology to connect Amherst classes with courses/students outside the United States.

HIST 494 - L/D

Section 01
Tu 02:30 PM - 05:00 PM MORG 110

ISBN Title Publisher Author(s) Comment Book Store Price
Midnight at the Pera Pal: The Birth of Modern Istanbulace King Amherst Books TBD
Istanbul: Memories and the City Pamuk Amherst Books TBD
Streets of Memory: Landscape, Tolerance, and National identity in Istanbul Mills Amherst Books TBD

These books are available locally at Amherst Books.


2024-25: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2015, Spring 2018