Welcome to the CCE Student Employment page. This page provides all CCE student employees with information regarding student employment and payment. Students looking for employment in the CCE may also search for open positions.

Student Employment Opportunities

Students looking for positions in the CCE should check the Student Employment Opportunities page.

Student Employee Expectations

Student employees are required to read and agree to all of the policies outlined on the Student Employee Expectations page. As a student employee of the Center for Community Engagement, it is incumbent upon you to know and adhere to all expectations. These expectations include not only what is expected of you, but what you can expect from your supervisor and the CCE staff.

Student Employee Information Questionnaire

At the time of your hire, and again at the beginning of every subsequent academic year (or if you are returning from abroad) you are required to fill out the Student Employee Information Questionnaire.  You must complete the questionnaire before you begin working for the CCE. This questionnaire is a vital part of the employment process- it enables the CCE staff to create your timesheets and to include you in all the other details associated with being on staff at the CCE. You are asked to acknowledge in this questionnaire that you have read and agree to the Employee Policies and that you understand the Timesheet Information.