Amherst graduates are often extolled for their ability to connect seemingly disparate ideas and experiences, and the life of S. Lawrence Kahn III ’68, P’97 is a textbook example of this valuable capacity. After majoring in European studies with a minor in Russian literature at Amherst, Kahn enrolled in Navy Officer Candidate School and served in Japan and Vietnam. Then he went straight from the Mekong Delta to graduate school at Harvard. With an MBA in hand, Kahn began a career in contracting and real estate that led to his founding of Lowell Homes Inc., a developer and builder of residential communities throughout South Florida.

Larry Kahn ’68 P’97
Though neither a scientist nor a science major, Kahn has been one of the most dedicated supporters of Amhert's new Science Center.

This aptitude for synthesis and big-picture understanding may be why Kahn—neither a scientist nor a science major—has been one of the earliest and most dedicated supporters of Amherst’s new Science Center, slated to open in 2018. 
“A strong program in the sciences is essential to a liberal arts education, and to preparing students to be successful in today’s world,” he says. “This building is so important—the rigor of its programs and the excellence of the research and scholarship we’ll develop there are essential to Amherst’s future.”

In honor of his 50th reunion, Kahn and his wife, Susan, a journalist and columnist for Miami Today, have made a gift to name the Science Center’s Winter Garden, a key outdoor space within a building that aims to forge strong connections with the physical landscape.

“In my business, we’ve built thousands of homes, and one of the principles that always guides us is bringing in as much natural light as possible,” says Kahn. “That’s what drew us to the Winter Garden.” This year-round, tree-filled green space for reading, relaxing and social interaction will be known as the Larry and Susan Kahn Winter Garden.
Kahn has been a longtime volunteer for Amherst. Most recently, he has hosted receptions for President Biddy Martin in Florida and serves as class vice president. “I am such a big fan of Amherst, and it is a pleasure to be a constant supporter,” he says.

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