Welcome to the MRC!  

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) welcomes all students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds. The MRC actively and intentionally contributes to the College’s goal of creating a more inclusive community by acknowledging, celebrating, and promoting the diverse experiences of every person. Our offerings include:

  • A welcoming and brave space with comfortable couches, chairs, large study tables, computer stations, snacks, coffee, and tea for your enjoyment 
  • Staff members  (including student Peer Diversity Educators) who are available to answer questions, and offer support and information about resources 
  • Cultural competency/diversity education trainings and workshops
  • Information on internships and jobs for underrepresented students and for individuals interested in social justice
  • Mentorship/leadership development for student affinity group leaders
  • Lending Library with over 20 sections on identity, education, and social justice
  • Wide-ranging programmatic initiatives, including educational programs on identity, privilege, power, opression, community, and empowerment as well as active support initiatives for underrepresented or marginalized identities