Welcome to the Multicultural Resource Center!

Gabby Rivera and Team
MRC staff with Latinx Heritage Month keynote speaker Gabby Rivera, Fall 2022

About Us

Born out of student activism, the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) works to support students who identify as *people of color (POC) at Amherst College by providing a place for community building and resources to navigate institutional structures. Rooted in the framework of intersectionality, the MRC serves as a space where students of color can celebrate their identity and where the Amherst community can participate in conversations that expand our collective understanding of racialized experiences.

About Us
painted portrait of Gerald Penny, a young Black man, with a vibrant background

Honoring Gerald Penny

In Amherst’s history, there is no more poignant story than that of Gerald Gilbert Penny, who tragically died in 1973. Join us for a Ceremony of Remembrance on September 12, 2023, and learn more about this accomplished young man. 

Community Standards Report

Complete this form if a student of concern has aggrieved you, another person, or has violated the community standards in our Student Code of Conduct.  When the College receives this form, it will attempt to contact the sharing party (if not anonymous) for the purpose of discussing informal response or the initiation of an adjudication process.