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Visitor Parking Form

Fill out the following form on behalf of a visitor to Amherst College. Please note: the permit is valid only for parking area(s) designated on the front of the pass.

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Faculty Staff Parking Form

Fill out the following form if you are an Amherst College faculty or staff member. Please note that you must be logged in to the site to access the page.

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Student Parking Form

Fill out the following form if you are an Amherst College student who wishes to park on campus. Please note that you must be logged in to the site to access the page.

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Parking Appeals Form

Please use the following form to appeal your parking ticket. Be sure to provide all required information within 72 hours of the issue date on the parking ticket.

Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations

General Information


The rules and regulations set forth in this policy have been developed to control traffic movement and parking for all persons utilizing the parking lots, roads and ways at Amherst College.

Parking rules remain in effect when parking on campus during breaks and holidays.

Parking regulations and enforcement are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Anyone operating a motor vehicle on property owned, operated or controlled by Amherst College is subject to these regulations unless otherwise exempt by State and Federal laws, except as otherwise provided herein. The General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Rules and Regulations of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles shall apply to the College campus and other lands of the College. It is the responsibility of all persons parking on Amherst College property to be aware of these regulations and obey such regulations.


The Board of Trustees of Amherst College has adopted these regulations. The Board of Trustees has authorized the Chief of Police and their designees to serve as parking control officers. The Chief of Police has designated every Officer and certain student employees for this purpose.  Provided that to expedite traffic or safeguard pedestrians in the event of fire or other emergency or special events, officers of the municipal or state police or fire department may direct or control traffic as conditions may require notwithstanding the provisions of these rules and regulations.

Amherst College assumes no risk or liability for damage or loss for vehicles or vehicle contents when parked on Amherst College property.

Privilege to Operate or Park a Motor Vehicle on Campus

Permission to operate a motor vehicle on the grounds owned, operated or controlled by Amherst College is a discretionary privilege bestowed by the Board of Trustees of the College.

Such privilege may be denied, revoked, suspended or modified by the action of the Chief of Police.

All College employees and students must comply with the rules and regulations regarding parking as part of employment, appointment or enrollment. The regulations also apply to visitors and are considered part of the terms and permission to be on campus.

Vehicles in violation of College policy may be ticketed, towed, or immobilized (booted). This includes all faculty/staff, student, visitor and unregistered vehicles.

Authority to Post Signs

The Chief of Police, or their designee, is authorized to place and maintain all official traffic and parking signs, signals, markings and safety zones required on the campus and other lands of the College including the placement of temporary signs and markings as may be specifically required by emergencies or other special circumstances. Operators of vehicles used in and about the campus and other lands of the College shall conform to such signs, signals, markings and safety zones.

Interference with Signs

Any person who willfully, intentionally and without right defaces or otherwise tampers with, removes, interferes with or destroys any traffic or parking regulating sign, light, signal or marking device lawfully erected or placed on the campus or other lands of the College shall be subject to prosecution under the applicable criminal statute of the Commonwealth.

Temporary Parking Regulation Changes

The Chief of Police may at times during the year suspend, change or revise the normal operating parking regulations to meet the needs of the College community and its operating functions i.e., Concerts, VIP visits, Commencement, Admissions Open House, etc.


By bringing a car on campus, the operator is agreeing to comply with the regulations of Amherst College.

Every vehicle on campus must be permitted with the Parking Department and display a decal or temporary permit. Decals or temporary permits that are not correctly displayed are not valid.

Parking Permits

Faculty, Staff, and Student motor vehicle permit requests may be registered online.  

Faculty and Staff register at: .  

  • Once the form is submitted, a decal will be sent by inter-office mail.
  • Faculty and Staff may also obtain their permit from the Amherst College Parking Department, located in the Service Building.
  • Casual staff employed fewer than 6 months will need to obtain a hang tag from the Amherst College Parking Department and provide an Amherst College ID.

Students register at .

  • The online form requires students to submit proof of:
    • Valid vehicle registration
    • Valid proof of insurance
  • All Out-of-State students must complete and upload the “Nonresident Drivers Form”
  • Once all proofs are verified, the decal(s) will be sent to your AC Post Office box

Faculty and Staff “emeritus” or retired are eligible for the same parking privileges as current employees.  This can be obtained in the Amherst College Dispatch Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Casual Employees that are not permanent employees may obtain a temporary pass for up to 6 months.  Casual Employees with employment terms exceeding one year may obtain a Faculty/Staff decal.

Contractors/ Vendors with a multi-year contract with the College, and drive a vehicle without the company name on it may obtain on-campus parking permits Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Parking Department.  All other contractors must park in the Contractor Parking Lot.

Family/Gym Any member of the gym not affiliated with the college may receive a gym parking pass valid for 1 year from the date issued.  The gym member must show their Amherst College issued ID to obtain the permit.

Disability Placards all official state issued Disability Placards are permitted to park in any marked accessible spot on campus.  Faculty, staff, and students are also required to have a College permit. 

Inn on Boltwood overflow parking is issued a specific pass for Alumni Lot only and it is issued by the Inn on Boltwood.

Five College Students should find alternative transportation or park legally on town roads or metered areas.

Amherst College is designed as a walking campus.  The College does not guarantee available parking for all registered vehicles. During peak usage it may be necessary to park a distance from your ultimate destination.



Displaying a Parking Permit

Amherst College parking decals are designed to be adhered to window glass in a motor vehicle. Decals must be permanently adhered to the driver's side rear passenger window.  The window must be closed to display this when parked on campus. A diagram is included when a permit is issued.

For vehicles with only front windows, adhere the decal to the rear window, on the lower corner of the driver’s side.

For motorcycles, keep the parking decal with the valid registration.

Note:  Students registered outside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be provided an additional decal from the Registry of Motor Vehicles upon retrieving the Amherst College decal.  It will be placed on the uppermost center portion of the windshield.

Temporary hang tags must hang on the rearview mirror, with the information facing out toward the hood of the vehicle.

Temporary on-line permits must be placed on the driver’s side of the dashboard, with the information facing upward.

Old permits should be removed and discarded or brought to the Police Department when expired or no longer in use.


Students are eligible to receive a parking permit when they are in their sophomore, junior or senior year. First year students are only allowed permits with permission from the Office of Student Affairs. This permission will only be given upon compelling reason that an exemption is necessary.

Students may only register one car. 

Students should contact Accessibility Services in the Office of Student Affairs for accessibility needs and possible parking accommodations beyond what is provided.

Upper class students may not register a motor vehicle belonging to a First Year Student. Attempts to circumvent this rule will result in fines, booting and possible revocation of parking privileges.

Students are never eligible for a faulty/staff parking decal. Any student vehicle displaying a faculty/staff decal will be considered unregistered and in violation of the College's parking rules and regulations.

First Year students may seek permission to have a vehicle registered on campus by submitting the First Year Vehicle Request webform.  

  • The College generally approves requests for the following reasons:
  • A student needs access to a vehicle to attend regular medical appointments off-campus;
  • Traveling home during a college break via other means poses an unexpected and significant financial burden for the student and their family (this may prompt consultation with Financial Aid about emergency funding);
  • A student needs to travel off-campus for employment reasons during the course of a given semester;
  • A student must travel home routinely to care for family members or manage a family challenge. 

The College will not approve requests relating to convenience, accessing five-college courses (accessible via the PVTA), or wishing to participate in a hobby or similar pursuit off-campus. Additionally, the College may approve vehicle registration on a temporary basis, depending on the nature of the request. . 

Students may park in any student space at any time, with the exception of Orr Rink Lot.  No student overnight parking is allowed in Orr Rink Lot from 2 AM to 6 AM.  On the map, Orr Rink Lot is highlighted in pink. .  All other student spaces can be seen highlighted in orange on the Amherst College website here:!ct/42264 

Students are responsible for all violations and fines incurred by a vehicle registered to them regardless of whom was operating the car.  Habitual offenders will be notified in writing when they are placed on the Boot list and again if they are placed on the Tow list. The Office of Student Affairs will also be notified, and a complaint may be filed.

There is no fee for student parking decals.

Student registered vehicles are prohibited from parking at any time on the following

residential neighborhood streets:

Lincoln Avenue, Dana Street, Blue Hills Avenue, and Hazel Avenue.

Vehicles parked in violation shall be issued a $50 citation by the Amherst College Police.

Vehicles parked in an unsafe manner will be towed by the Town of Amherst Police Department.


All Faculty and Staff are eligible for parking permits. Faculty and Staff may register more than one car. There is no cost to Faculty and Staff for parking permits.

Employees should contact Human Resources for Accessibility needs and possible parking accommodations beyond what is provided.

Amherst College will honor all State Disability Placards and Plates.

All parking rules and regulations and pertinent Massachusetts General Laws are applicable to Faculty and Staff vehicles.

Parking citations will be put on Faculty and Staff vehicles found in violation of College policy. The Chief of Police will notify habitual violators (more than three citations per year) in writing and the appropriate Department Head or Dean advised.

When a Faculty or Staff person sells or otherwise loses possession of a vehicle the Parking Department must be notified to remove it from the system.


Visitors to campus with any official state issued Disability Placards are permitted to park in any marked accessible spot on campus without obtaining any additional permits from Amherst College. 

Temporary permits for guests of faculty and staff may be sought 24 hours a day at the Amherst College Dispatch Center or via an authorized college employee online at 

Visitors on campus should receive a temporary permit from the Amherst College Dispatch Center.

Guests of students may park in student parking spaces only.  They will need to obtain a permit from the Amherst College Dispatch Center when parking Monday through Friday, 2:00 AM until 4:30 PM as well as overnight during winter parking ban.  Guest parking may not exceed 72 hours.

Hosts are responsible for notifying their guests or visitors of the parking rules and regulations and ensuring compliance.

Special Events

When a department is hosting a special event on campus and a large number of unregistered vehicles will be present, the event host must coordinate parking with the Police Department. The police department will work with the event host to ensure that participants know where to park so as not to adversely impact the good working order of the College. Event parking may be restricted to certain lots. Event hosts are responsible for notifying attendees of the parking rules and regulations.

Summer Programs

Parking Rules and Regulations are in effect during the summer months. The Summer Programs Office notifies participant groups of the parking regulations and issues short term parking permits.

Regulations & Violations


Service Spaces and loading docks are reserved for the use of authorized College vehicles, contractor vehicles or emergency services vehicles. All other vehicles are prohibited from using these spaces. Offending Vehicles may be towed at the direction of the Police Department.

Amherst College Dispatch 413-542-2291 must be notified of all disabled motor vehicles. If a vehicle is interfering with the safe flow of traffic Police will tow it at the expense of the vehicle owner. If the vehicle is merely parked in a designated area for which it is not permitted, a twenty-four-hour exemption will be granted to the owner to arrange removal or repair.

  • No vehicle may be parked in a restricted area at any time. Restricted areas are those indicated by signs and/or include driveway entrances, fire hydrants, walks, lawns, etc.
  • Student vehicles may be parked in faculty and staff spaces from 4:30PM until 2:00AM Monday through Friday and from 4:30PM Friday until 2:00AM Monday except during winter parking ban. Any student who parks in a faculty or staff space between 8:30 AM and 4:30PM will be subject to an immediate fine of $50.00.
  • The Winter Parking Ban is in effect from December 1 at 12:01 AM until March 31st at 11:59 PM every year. No vehicle may be parked in a faculty/staff space overnight, including weekends, during the parking ban. Vehicles parked in a faculty/staff space after 2:00 AM will be ticketed and may be towed to facilitate snow removal.
  • Motorcycles, motor scooters, motorized bicycles and mopeds must comply with all parking and traffic regulations. Violations are subject to the fine system.
  • No motorized cycles may be stored on campus in any College building.  The owner shall be responsible for any fee required to remove a cycle from a College building.
  • Abandoned motor vehicles will be towed at the expense of the owner in compliance with Massachusetts General Law. The towing and subsequent storage and/or disposal cost are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. The owner of the vehicle may also suffer the penalties of law under MGL Chapter 90 section 22B. Vehicles may be towed at the direction of the Chief of Police or their designees. Amherst College accepts no liability for any vehicle abandoned on College property and vehicles that do not display valid registration plates and/or a College parking decal may be considered abandoned.
  • Any student convicted of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs may not apply for a permit to park on the Amherst College campus and may not operate a motor vehicle on campus.
  • Students in violation of criminal sections of Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws, such as Operating Under the Influence, Operating to Endanger or Operating After Suspension, may face criminal charges in addition to Judicial Referral.
  • The Maximum Speed Limit on any campus roadway is fifteen (15) miles per hour.
  • No vehicle shall be operated with persons on any part of the vehicle not intended for passengers, including, but not limited to, the hood, trunk, roof or other exterior part.
  • Vehicles must stop and yield to pedestrian traffic and obey all traffic signs on campus.
  • The permit holder is responsible for all traffic citations received on the vehicle, regardless of whether or not they are in immediate control of the car.
  • Vehicles that pose a danger to public safety may be towed at the direction of any police officer or upon the request of any fire fighter in the performance of their duties.


Vehicles in violation of the parking regulations will be ticketed, towed or booted.  Vehicle owners/permittees are responsible to remedy the violation upon receipt of a notice on the windshield.

Student Ticket violations:  Students’ Accounts will be directly charged the violation fee.  Please see the Controller’s Office Website for information on payment options at:

Student Boot Removal Fee - $50 - This fee will be charged to a student account.  A ticket will be placed on a booted vehicle each day the violation goes unresolved.  After the third ticket, the vehicle may be towed.  

Non-Student (only) Boot Removal Fee - $50 – will be made online via the link listed below

  • Online Boot Removal Fee payment instructions:
  • Under "General Receivables" enter:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Ticket number (in the Account Number)
    • Boot Removal Fee (in the Payment Comment)
    • Under Item Information:
      • General Account Payment - enter the ticket amount to be paid then click "+Add" then "Continue"
      • Choose the payment method and follow the remaining steps to submit payment
      • Show proof of payment to the dispatcher or officer to have the boot removed from the vehicle

The Ticket violations are:

Schedule A: $15 Violations

A-01 Not Registered with the College/Failure to Obtain a Parking Permit

A-02 Permit displayed improperly or lacks data

A-03 Parked in Violation of Signage, including parking overnight on campus between April 1st and November 30th.

A-04 Parked in electric car charging station and not charging/not electric car

A-05 No parking zone (i.e. loading dock, blocking dumpster, outside marked lines, etc.)

Schedule B: $25 Violation

B-01 Parked on grass or sidewalk

B-02 Impeding flow of traffic

B-03 Violation of Winter Parking Ban

Schedule C: $50 Violation

C-01 Parked without College Faculty/Staff issued permit in faculty/staff space between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM

C-02 Accessibility parking violation

C-03 Failure to stop on the signal of a police officer

C-04 Operating in an unsafe manner, negligently or dangerously

C-05 Parked in a posted FIRE LANE

C-06 Parked in residential neighborhood streets


  • Vehicles with invalid state registrations may be booted.  There will be no fee to remove the boot. The registered owner must have a valid registration for the vehicle in order for the boot to be removed.
  • Vehicles creating a threat to safety or impeding the flow of traffic are subject to immediate tow.
  • Unauthorized use of handicap parking spaces may result in immediate towing/booting.
  • Vehicles impeding snow removal and in violation of winter parking ban is subject to immediate tow.
  • The towing agent is responsible for the safe transport and storage of towed vehicles. Amherst College is not liable for damage to a vehicle as a result of towing.
  • Vehicles towed will be done at the owner’s expense.


Tow Fee - The towing rates and storage fees are set by the Department of Public Utilities of Massachusetts.   

Students: 6 Tickets = Boot List

    3 Boots = Tow List

    3 Tows = Loss of parking privilege and tow for continued offenses

Visitors:  3 tickets = boot list

    3 Boots = Tow List

    3 Tows = Loss of parking privilege and tow for continued offense



A copy of the citation will be left on the vehicle at the time of the violation.

Habitual offenders will be notified by the Chief of Police when it becomes apparent that there is a chronic problem.


Questions about parking should be sent by email to


Appeals for parking violations must be submitted through the Parking Appeals form ( found on the Parking Information and Regulations page ( within 7 days of the violation. The outcome of the appeal will be submitted by email to the requester.