Selected Publications


  1. East Germany's Economic Integration into the Communist Bloc (Ann Arbor:  University of Michigan Dissertation, 1961).
  2. Economic Integration in the Soviet Bloc (New York: F.A. Praeger, 1965).
  3. Welfare and Planning: An Analysis of Capitalism versus Socialism (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1966), including Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish translations.  Second edition, 1979 (Huntington, N.Y.: Robert Krieger).
  4. Scarcity Challenged: An Introduction to Economics (New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1968), including Study Guide and Instructor's Manual; also Brazilian edition in Portuguese.
  5. Readings in Economics (New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1968; 2nd edition, 1969).
  6. Economics: The Science of Scarcity (Hinsdale, Ill.: The Dryden Press, 1970), including Programmed Study Guide and Instructor's Manual.
  7. What Economics Is All About (Hinsdale, Ill.: Dryden Press, 1972).
  8. Economics and Urban Problems (Lexington, Mass.: D.C. Heath, 1973).
  9. Scarcity and Freedom: An Introduction to Economics (Lexington, Mass.:  D.C. Heath, 1977), including Instructor's Manual.
  10. Intermediate Microeconomics: Theory and Applications (Glenview, Ill.:  Scott, Foresman and Co., 1982), 2nd edition 1986, 3rd edition, 1990, including Student Workbook and Instructor's Manual. 
  11. Essentials of Statistics (Glenview, Ill.: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1988) and Instructor's Manual. 
  12. Comparative Economic Systems (Glenview, Ill.: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1989).
  13. Economics (Lexington, Mass.:  D.C. Heath, 1992), including split versions Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Student Workbook (for 3 versions of text), Instructor's Manual and Test Bank.
  14. Statistics for Business and Economics (Glenview, Ill.: Scott, Foresman and Co., 1985; 2nd edition, 1988; 3rd edition, 1994), including Chinese and Spanish editions.  Supplements include Student Workbook, Instructor's Resource Manual, Test Bank, Exam-Science (a computerized test generator), Electronic Teaching Assistant.
  15. Economic Systems and Human Welfare:  A Global Survey (Cincinnati, OH:  South-Western College Publishing, 1997), including Instructor’s Manual with Test Item File.
  16. Statistics for Business and Economics: Microsoft EXCEL Enhanced (Cincinnati, OH:  South-Western College Publishing, 2002). Read more at
  17. Statistics for Business and Economics: MINITAB Enhanced (Cincinnati, OH:  South-Western College Publishing, 2002). Read more at
  18. My Name Was Five: A Novel of the Second World War (Minneapolis, MN: Mill City Press, 2009); Kindle edition 2012. Paperback in color 2020. Read more at
  19. Caution: Snake Oil! How Statistical Thinking Can Help Us Expose Misinformation About Our Health (Minneapolis, MN: Mill City Press, 2010); Kindle edition 2012. Read more at



  1. Extraordinary Birds, Book 1  (Kindle edition 2014)
  2.  Brainteasers Book 2  (Kindle edition 2014)
  3. Unusual Plants Book 3 (Kindle edition 2014).
  4. Remarkable Animals Book 4 (Kindle edition 2015).
  5. Wonders of the World,  Book 5 (Kindle edition 2015).
  6. The World's Greatest Inventions Book 6  (Kindle edition 2015).
  7. Exploring Northern Europe,  Book 7  (Kindle edition 2016).
  8. Exploring Western Europe, Book 8 (Kindle edition 2016).
  9. Exploring Southwestern Europe, Book 9 (Kindle edition 2016).
  10. Exploring Central Europe, Book 10 (Kindle edition 2017).
  11. Exploring Africa, Book 11 (Kindle edition 2017).
  12. Exploring Southeastern Europe, Book 12 (Kindle edition 2017).
  13. Exploring Russia and Central Asia, Book 13  (Kindle edition 2017).
  14. Exploring Western Asia, Book 14 (Kindle edition 2017).
  15. Exploring Southern Asia, Book 15 (Kindle edition 2017).
  16. Exploring Eastern Asia, Book 16 (Kindle edition 2017).
  17. Exploring Australia and Oceania, Book 17 (Kindle edition 2017).
  18. Exploring North America, Book 18 (Kindle edition 2018).
  19. Exploring Central America, Book 19 (Kindle edition 2018).
  20. Exploring South America, Book 20 (Kindle edition 2018)



A series, STATISTICS: A UIVERSAL GUIDE TO THE UNKNOWN. Read more at Consists of the following 24 Kindle books:

Book 1: The Nature of Statistics (Kindle edition 2021)
Book 2: Learning About Excel (Kindle edition 2017)
Book 3: Finding Existing Data: From Print to Internet (Kindle edition 2017)
Book 4: Generating New Data: Census Taking and Sampling (Kindle edition 2017)
Book 5: Generating New Data: Controlled Experiments (Kindle edition 2017)
Book 6: Presenting Data: Tables and Graphs (Kindle edition 2018)
Book 7: Presenting Data: Summary Measures (Kindle edition 2018)
Book 8: The Theory of Probability (Kindle edition 2018)
Book 9: Discrete Probability Distributions (Kindle edition 2018)
Book 10: Continuous Probability Distributions (Kindle edition 2019)
Book 11: Sampling Distributions (Kindle edition 2019)
Book 12: Estimation (Kindle edition 2019)
Book 13: Hypothesis Testing: The Classical Technique (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 14: Hypothesis Testing: The Chi-Square Technique (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 15: Analysis of Variance (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 16: Simple Regression and Correlation (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 17: Multiple Regression and Correlation (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 18: Model Building with Multiple Regression (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 19: Time Series and Forecasting (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 20: Index Numbers (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 21: Hypothesis Testing Nonparametric Techniques (Kindle edition 2020)
Book 22: Quality Control (Kindle edition 2021)
Book 23: Decision Theory (Kindle edition 2021)
Book 24: Issues in Medical Research (Kindle edition 2021)