Professional and Biographical Information


B.A. Chemistry University of Kansas (1957)
Ph.D. Chemistry University of California at Berkeley (1961)


Thomas B. Walton Jr. Memorial Professor of Biology, emeritus (Amherst College)
Adjunct Professor Veterinary & Animal Science (The University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Visiting Scientist (The Whitehead Institute)

Professional Profile

Academic appointments have included: Faculty and administrative appointments at Yale, The University of Maryland at College Park, The University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Amherst College as well as a visiting faculty appointment at Stanford University.  More than 30 years of a  long career have been spent enjoying the privilege of teaching undergraduates at Amherst College.  I have had the opportunity to teach Immunology, The Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer to generations of students in the Biology and Chemistry Departments.  Teaching Cancer & AIDS: the Biology of Catastrophe has provided an opportunity to explore the important interfae between biology and human affairs with the larger community of Amherst students whose major interests lie outside the sciences.

Professional Positions in the chemical or biotechnology industry have included: Employment as staff scientist at Monsanto and at Dupont; Co-Founder of Hematech and service as Head of its Scientific Advisory Board; Consultantships at Bayer and Vicam; Member Immunogenes Advisory Board.

Professional Service includes: NIH Study Section for Allergy & Clinical Immunology (4 years); NIH Board of Scientific Counselors for the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease (4 years); Course Director for the NSF-Chautauqua Short Course for College Teachers (6 years); Member of the Visiting Committee for the Harvard School of Public Health (3 years).

Grants and Honors

  • Numerous federal grants including awards from NASA, USDA, NSF and NIH RO1 & R15 grants
  • Several private sector grants including funding from Dupont, Bayer, Schering, Hematech and Vicam
  • Named Chairs at Amherst College (Walton Chair and Cross Chair)
  • Distinguished University Professor University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • National Research Council Senior Associateship
  • American Society of Cell Biology Just Lectureship
  • American Association of Immunologists Vanguard Lectureship
  • Phi Beta Kappa



Cells and Energy, (1rst ed., 1967; 2nd ed., 1977) Macmillan
Race and Races, (1rst ed., 1971; 2nd ed., 1977) Macmillan
Thinking AIDS [with Mary Catherine Bateson) 1989,  Addison Wesley
Kuby Immunology 4th edition (with T.J. Kindt & B.A. Osborne) 2000, W.H. Freeman
Immunology 5th edition (with T.J. Kindt & B.A. Osborne) 2003, W.H. Freeman
Kuby Immunology 6th edition (with T.J. Kindt & B.A. Osborne), 2007
Case Studies in Cancer (with R.J. B. Lee & J. Abramson) 2018, GarlandScience/Norton
Thinking Race (with Mary Catherine Bateson) in press 2019, Rowman & Littlefield

Selected Publications (from a list of 75)

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I enjoyed participating in the Amherst Connects telephone lecture series, giving a talk on stem cells and having an opportunity to field questions from alumni and parents. Listen to “How Stem Cells Will Change Your Life and Maybe Save It” at the link below.

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May 13, 2017

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