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Parking Map

The College provides parking for Admission visitors and for major college events. See the parking categories on our interactive campus map.

On-Campus Parking for Admission Office Visitors

The Admission Office is located at 220 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, Massachusetts. There are several parking spaces for visitors directly in front of the Admission building, but you may also park in the lot behind the Admission building; anywhere along the long, semicircular driveway between Orr Hockey Rink and South Pleasant Street/Route 116; in the Orr Rink Parking Lot; or on Hitchcock Road, running perpendicular to South Pleasant Street/Route 116 directly across from the south entrance of the driveway. On particularly busy days, should all those areas be full, additional parking may be found in the Alumni Lot (upon exiting our semicircular driveway, turn right onto South Pleasant Street/Route 116, proceed to the traffic light, turn right onto College Street/Route 9, take the first left turn onto Seelye Street and proceed to the parking lot on your left). From the Alumni Lot, the Admission Office is a ten-minute walk across campus. If you receive a parking ticket while parked on the Amherst College campus, please bring it to the Admission receptionist and we will take care of it for you!

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Accessible Parking

Visitors to campus with any official state-issued Handicapped placards are permitted to park in any marked handicapped spot on campus without obtaining any additional permits from Amherst College.

Other Visitor Parking

Between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., parking on the Amherst College campus is restricted. During these hours, guests (including members of the general public who are attending events), as well as Five College students, are asked to park in town. Visitors who wish to park on campus may request permission from the Amherst College Police or from a College department.

Between the hours of 4:30 PM and 2:00 AM, visitors may park in any valid space on the campus without a permit.

For more information, contact Amherst College Police, (413) 542-2291.

Students, Faculty & Staff

Find detailed information about campus parking, including guest parking, on the College Police‚Äôs Parking Information & Regulations page.