Courses in Art and the History of Art

Spring 2021

ARHA-102 Practice of Art

Douglas Culhane (Section 01)

ARHA-110 Color Study

Sonya Y. Clark (Section 01)
Christopher B. Durr (Section 01)

ARHA-111 Drawing I

David I. Gloman (Section 01)

ARHA-152 Visual Culture of the Islamic World

Yael R. Rice (Section 01)

ARHA-155 Introduction to Contemporary Art

Niko Vicario (Section 01)

ARHA-157 The Postcolonial City

Dwight A. Carey (Section 01)

ARHA-180 Contemporary Native American Art

Chris Couch (Section 01)

ARHA-204 Housing, Urbanization, and Development

Gabriel A. Arboleda (Section 01)

ARHA-208 Playing with Pictures

Odette S. England (Section 01)

ARHA-209 Space and Design: Intermediate Studio Architecture

Rachael Chase (Section 01)

ARHA-214 Sculpture I

Douglas Culhane (Section 01)

ARHA-215 Painting I

David I. Gloman (Section 01)

ARHA-218 Photography I

Justin F. Kimball (Section 01)

ARHA-219 Venice, Perfect City (476-1797)

Jutta G. Sperling (Section 01)

ARHA-221 Foundations in Video Production

Elliot T. Montague (Section 01)

ARHA-235 Integrated Practices: Social Issues and the Interview

Patricia Montoya (Section 01)

ARHA-240 Women in Architecture

Margaret B. Vickery (Section 01)

ARHA-241 The Age of Michelangelo: Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture

Nicola Courtright (Section 01)

ARHA-243 Cut, Inked and Hand Pressed: Woodcut Prints

Betsey A. Garand (Section 01)

ARHA-252 Performance In (and Out of) Place

Wendy Woodson (Section 01)

ARHA-255 Latin American Art: Strategies and Tactics

Niko Vicario (Section 01)

ARHA-284 Women and Art in Early Modern Europe

Nicola Courtright (Section 01)

ARHA-308 Doing What You Don’t Know How to Do

Anna H. Hepler (Section 01)

ARHA-328 Photography II

Justin F. Kimball (Section 01)