Submitted by Kozue Miyama on Wednesday, 12/2/2009, at 10:53 AM

12/7 (月)  Before class, check new words on ④ on the handout and try to
interpret them as much as you can.

12/8 (火) Before session, read and interpret 短歌⑥ .  In class, you will
1.    read them aloud, explain your interpretation, and discuss them
2.    explain what you learned about Japanese poems on Monday.

12/9 (水) Before class, read
⑦⑧ where marked in 俵万智(あとがき)

12/10 (木) Before session, read aloud 「生きる」many times. And practice explaining the meaning.

12/11  (金) Assignment #11, due 5 pm.  Submit your original poem with your explanation (send via e-mail).   Second draft due Sunday noon.  Final draft of your poem due Monday 9 am.

12/14  (月)      Before class, read the following and be ready to discuss the meaning

12/15 (火)       In your session, read your poem for your classmates, explain and lead a discussion. A copy of your poem will be provided in class.