Fall 2014

The Craft of Speaking I: Vocal Freedom

Listed in: Theater and Dance, as THDA-125H

Formerly listed as: THDA-32H


Ron Bashford (Section 01)


A beginning studio course in the development of voice for speaking. Students develop range and tone through regular physical exercises in relaxation, breathing technique, placement, and presence. Individual attention focuses on helping each student develop the physical, mental, and emotional self-awareness needed for expressive vocal production. Practice is oriented toward acting for the stage, but students with a primary interest in public speaking, teaching, or improved interpersonal communication will find this course valuable. A modicum of reading and written reflection is required.  Three class meetings per week. Limited to 28 students from among those who attend the first class meeting, admitted based on class year and major.  Early registration does not confer enrollment priority.

Fall semester.  Professor Bashford.

If Overenrolled: A rolling waiting list will be used through the add/drop period, along with major and class year.


Artistic Practice, Community Based Learning, Fine Arts for Non-majors


2022-23: Offered in Fall 2022
Other years: Offered in Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2022, Fall 2023

Notes on class size, and half-course status

Submitted by Ron Bashford on Wednesday, 8/27/2014, at 2:07 PM

Please note that this course is usually over-subscribed.  For practical reasons, no more than 28 students may be enrolled.  Please see the PDF below for more detailed information.  In summary:

Only students who come to the first class meeting on September 3rd will be considered for enrollment. Students will be admitted to the course according to the following priorities:  Theater and Dance majors first, then seniors, then juniors, followed sophomores and first-years taken together and selcted randomly.  Amherst students have priority within the first three categories.

Any student who pre-registers but who does not gain admission to the course must drop the course by the end of the add/drop period.

Amherst students, please also note that this is a half-course, and must be taken in addition to four regular full-credit courses.  Students who pass THDA 125H may choose to enroll in the spring (or in another year) in THDA 225H: Craft of Speaking II.  At that point, the two courses together constitute one full course (so a minimum of 3.5 courses may be taken in that semester, depending on your individual situation).