Fall 2014


No limitations specified

Notes on class size, and half-course status

Submitted by Ron Bashford on Wednesday, 8/27/2014, at 2:07 PM

Please note that this course is usually over-subscribed.  For practical reasons, no more than 28 students may be enrolled.  Please see the PDF below for more detailed information.  In summary:

Only students who come to the first class meeting on September 3rd will be considered for enrollment. Students will be admitted to the course according to the following priorities:  Theater and Dance majors first, then seniors, then juniors, followed sophomores and first-years taken together and selcted randomly.  Amherst students have priority within the first three categories.

Any student who pre-registers but who does not gain admission to the course must drop the course by the end of the add/drop period.

Amherst students, please also note that this is a half-course, and must be taken in addition to four regular full-credit courses.  Students who pass THDA 125H may choose to enroll in the spring (or in another year) in THDA 225H: Craft of Speaking II.  At that point, the two courses together constitute one full course (so a minimum of 3.5 courses may be taken in that semester, depending on your individual situation).