Recently, the Multicultural Resource Center released its 2014 edition of Identity Magazine, a publication that includes works from students, faculty and alumni about various experiences of life and coming to terms with their identities. This year, we hope to produce an ensemble of work that not only represents the vast diversity in our community through individual reflections on experiences and identities, but will also help us reflect on Amherst as an intersectional community.

To accomplish this, we invite you to submit writing, artwork, photography or other multimedia pieces. Video, film and other non-print media are also welcome to be published on our blog, Submissions may be anonymous or published with the author's name.Please send all submissions by May 1st to Anonymous submissions can be submitted by going to the Identity Magazine page on the MRC website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: A One-Day Seminar with Film Producer David Weisman

Project Dates:               

Wednesday, April 29, 5 p.m., Weinstein Auditorium: Screening of the David Weisman film Kiss of the Spider Woman

Thursday, April 30, 3-5 p.m., Kahn Institute: Colloquium discussion with David Weisman and project Fellows.


Brief description:            

We invite faculty across disciplines to participate in this short-term Kahn project on the making and significance of the David Weisman production, Kiss of the Spider Woman, three decades after its original release. Kiss of the Spider Woman was a politically minded postmodern film that produced a critique of Latin American dictatorships in a generic Latin American prison, in which characters spoke English but the cell walls were covered in Portuguese text. It was nowhere in particular, but struck many as close to home. None of this would have been possible without cross-cultural and cross-linguistic collaboration, among Weisman, his director, Argentine-Brazilian filmmaker Hector Babenco, and Argentine-born novelist Manual Puig, upon whose book, El beso de la mujer araña, the film is based.


Project Fellows will view the film, then spend time at the Kahn Institute in the company of David Weisman, exploring the following questions: What capacities, compromises, and negotiations does such collaboration require, and what does it produce? How does this collaboration both rely on and produce certain aspects of globalism, and also critique it? What are the stakes, the gains and losses of translation and adaptation for and across languages, cultures, ideologies, and audiences? How are these things brought to bear on social, political and formal/aesthetic questions?


              Application deadline:      Friday, April 3


If you have questions about the project, please feel free to contact the Organizing Fellows or me for more information. To apply, please complete the simple application form at no later than Friday, April 3.  Applicants will be notified about their acceptance by April 10.  Feel free to forward to your colleagues.

Lime Light Contest

We have a wonderful opportunity for the students and faculty of the school to earn some money sharing their cinematography skills. If they can tell a 3-5 minute inspiring story of a person, place or thing that supports historic preservation or sustainable building, a monthly prize of $500 will be awarded and a $1,000 grand prize – The story may be inspired from the their own locale or another place of interest. It may showcase the conservation of history and buildings or focus on the designing, retrofitting and/or building of sustainable structures.

The contest flyer is attached for printing or you may Click here for the contest rules and instructions on our web site. 

Please share this with your students and do not hesitate to call us with any questions at 215.536.6706.

Lime Light Contest

2015 Five College Student Film and Video Festival


The 2015 Five College Student Film Festival will be held on Friday, February 27, at 7pm in the Main Lecture Hall at Hampshire College.

Submission deadline: 3PM February 16, 2015

To enter a submission go to the:

2015 Film Festival Entry form

Prizes will be awarded for best film of the festival, best film in each category and best of each campus. 

The Festival

The Five College Student Film and Video Festival is an annual event featuring original films and videos by Five College students. Founded in 1994, the festival has become an important venue for film students to meet, collaborate, and share their productions with their peers and with the Five College film community.

Students from each of the Five Colleges organize the festival with the assistance of a Student Director from the host college and a faculty advisor. The festival, which is sponsored by the Five College Film Council, is held each year during the Spring semester. Submissions are evaluated by a jury of students and faculty members from each campus. Selected works are shown at the festival and awards are given for the best works in designated categories.

Entry categories include documentary, experimental, narrative, animation, dance on camera and a separate graduate student category.

Prizes awarded:

  • Best Documentary
  • Best Experimental
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Animation
  • Best Dance on Film
  • Best Graduate Student Submission
  • Best of submissions from each campus
  • Best of Festival


Submission Eligibility & Requirements (please read carefully!)

  • Entries must be submitted by 3:00pm Monday, February 16, 2014. 
  • Acceptable screening formats include vimeo links as well as 16mm and Super 8 film prints. Entry submissions for 16mm and Super 8 must be on vimeo links. If selected for the festival, film prints must be delivered to the Student Director by 5pm, Monday, February 23.
  • Acceptable submission formats include: online through Vimeo, or on DVD. 
    • For submitting on Vimeo (highly recommended):
      • Very simple instructions for compressing, exporting, and uploading your video on Vimeo can be found here: You can also go to your campus media services desk for help. (ATS at Amherst, Media Lab at Hampshire, Media Services at MHC, Center for Media Production at Smith, OIT at UMass.)
      • Remember to click the box that will allow us to DOWNLOAD your video from Vimeo! You can do this under SETTINGS/PRIVACY. If you do not do this, YOUR ENTRY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED as we will not be able to screen it.
      • Also remember to include your name, the title of your piece, and the total running time on the Vimeo page.
    • For submitting on DVD (only recommended for longer works): 
      • Please verify that your DVD plays on all systems.
      • Please CLEARLY LABEL your entry with your name, your email address, the title of the work, and the total running time.
      • You may submit DVD entries at the locations listed below:
        • Amherst: Academic Technology Services (ATS), Seeley Mudd 110
        • Hampshire: Media Services
        • Mt. Holyoke: Art Department Office, Art Building Room 201
        • Smith: Center for Media Production, Alumnae Gymnasium Basement
        • UMass: Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies Office
  • Length: The festival is not able to screen works longer than 20 minutes. However, you may submit an excerpt from a longer work as long as that excerpt is 20 minutes or under.

  • This is a competitive festival; submission does not mean that your work will be screened at the festival. A jury will watch all of the submissions and decide what represents the best work submitted, taking into account the equipment and classes available on each campus. You will be notified by email if your work has been accepted for screening at the festival.

  • Submissions can only be made by students currently enrolled at Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College or the University of Massashusetts Amherst.

  • $5 application fee (per entry) must be paid through PayPal. You will be prompted to pay on the next page of this form.

  • Submissions will only be screened if the fee has been paid.

  • Students may submit up to two works, but we can only select one piece per student. You must pay the $5 application fee for each work submitted.

For additional information, please visit the Five College Film Studies website. 


2015 Ivy Film Festival

Celebrate the Season By Submitting a Film!

The 2015 Ivy Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for the student film and screenplay competitions.

Regular Deadline - January 15, 2015
Late Deadline - February 15, 2015
Super Late Deadline - March 1, 2015

Submissions are accepted online through WithoutaboxFilmmakers and screenwriters must create their own basic Witoutabox accounts to submit. Creating these accounts is free and easy, just visit the Submit page of our website to learn more!
Physical DVDs for film submissions can be mailed to the following address:

Brown University
Ivy Film Festival
Box 1930
Providence, RI 02912

Entry fees for submissions are also listed on our website. If you know someone interested in entering submissions, please forward this e-mail to them!

Copyright © 2014 | Ivy Film Festival | All rights reserved.

Society for Cinema and Media Studies

  Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Dear SCMS members,

As you wrap up your grading for the semester or quarter, please take note of the strongest work your students have done and encourage those undergraduates to submit proposals to the 2015 SCMS Undergraduate Conference, to be held at Smith College, April 24-25. 

More information and submission instructions are available at the link:

Conference information/registration is available at:

Several SCMS members have inquired about whether recent graduates may submit to the conference. The answer is YES, students who finished their undergraduate degrees in Spring or Fall of 2014 are eligible to participate in the conference, provided they are not currently enrolled in a graduate program.

SCMS members have also asked how to donate to the conference.  Registration is free, and funds will be used to support travel and lodging grants for students delivering papers.  Donations can be made at:

With warm wishes for a happy winter break,

Alexandra Keller
Professor of Film Studies
Director of Film Studies
SCMS-U Conference Organizer, 2015
Smith College
Wright Hall 101
Northampton, MA 01063

Northampton Community TV Production Grant

In 2015, as part of its mission to foster the development of community media, Northampton Community Television ( will be awarding grants for the production of short original works. NCTV will be committing at least $6000 to this project in support of at least 3 short film productions.


Applications Due: 01/15/2015

Winners Announced: 02/01/2015

Project Completion no later than: October 15th, 2015

After reviewing the grant applications NCTV may require finalists to attend an interview with the grant approval committee. When grants are approved grant recipients will receive a packet containing required production forms at the grant distribution meeting.

Applications are due January 15, 2015 and are completed online here:

NCTV Application


The Artifice

The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms, including Film, Anime, Comics, Literature, Games, and Arts. It is collaboratively built and maintained by the writers. The platform has an established audience of millions.  The Artifice is currently expanding and would like to provide an opportunity for Amherst students and faculty to join their team of writers. Current writers range from undergraduates, to graduates, to professors and a bit of everyone in between. For more information, please visit the website at

KisaKes (Cut it Short) Film Festival

  • KısaKes Univision is an international short film festival, which is made by and for university students.
  • The event will take place between 26-29 January in Istanbul.
  • Screenings will be held spontaneously in Istanbul, Berlin campuses of Bahcesehir University.
  • Directors of the top films will be hosted in Istanbul during and after the festival, which makes 5 days in total. All on-ground expenses during their stay and their flights will be covered by KısaKes.
  • These 5 days will include a complete programme especially designed for them (workshops, screenings, networking events, tours, parties etc.).
  • The five categories of the competition will be drama, documentary, animation, and special categories First Person and selfie film.
  • There is a time limit of maximum 5 minutes.
  • We don’t have an instrument limitation. Films can be made with any kind of device that can record motion picture. We try to encourage students to turn their ideas into films in any way.

 The official web-site of our competition is