About the Film and Media Studies Major


The Film and Media Studies (FAMS) major requires four core courses, a minimum of five additional courses (electives) from a variety of related disciplines that reflect each student’s individual academic and creative interests, and a final capstone project.

The FAMS major is framed by three foundations courses: a 200 level foundations course in Critical Media Studies (e.g. "Coming to Terms: Cinema," "Knowing Cinema," and "Knowing Television"), a 200 level Foundations in Production (an introductory production workshop), and a Foundations in Integrated Media Practices. Foundations courses in Critical Media Studies and Production serve as the prerequisites for the Foundations in Integrated Media Practices, which is a team-taught course, and which FAMS majors should ideally complete by the end of their junior year. Majors will also be required to take at least one FAMS seminar, normally by the end of their junior year. For the Capstone Requirement, students will either produce a two-semester thesis or will both submit a portfolio in the Fall semester of their senior year and will take at least one additional 400-level FAMS course.

The FAMS program enables students to create an individualized program of study allowing for breadth and depth in the major. When declaring the major, each student is required to make a contract for his or her program with the faculty steering committee on Film and Media Studies (which will function as a review board), as represented and coordinated by the Chair.  Each student’s progress towards the completion of the contract will then be assessed, over the following semesters, by their faculty advisors appointed by the Chair.