Courses in Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought

Spring 2013

LJST-103 Legal Institutions and Democratic Practice

Lawrence R. Douglas (Section 01)

LJST-110 Introduction to Legal Theory

Adam Sitze (Section 01)

LJST-217 Thinking Law with Shakespeare

Stephanie Elsky (Section 01)

LJST-231 Social Movements and Social Change

David P. Delaney (Section 01)

LJST-345 Law and Political Emergency

Nasser Hussain (Section 01)

LJST-354 The Crisis of Neoliberal Legal Theory

Adam Sitze (Section 01)

LJST-357 Property, Liberty and Law

David P. Delaney (Section 01)

LJST-490 Reading Arendt

Adam Sitze (Section 02)

Related Courses

ANTH-323 History of Anthropological Theory (Course not offered this semester.)
ANTH-343 Economic Anthropology and Social Theory (Course not offered this semester.)
COLQ-234 America's Death Penalty (Course not offered this semester.)
POSC-335 Modern Political Thought (Course not offered this semester.)
POSC-360 Punishment, Politics, and Culture (Course not offered this semester.)