The Identity & Inclusion series is foundational for DEI work at the college. The content of workshop is the basis for all other workshops; if you are new at the college and looking to engage with DEI work, please start here.

This third part in the Identity & Inclusion series builds off of the work participants have done to raise their awareness of both the lenses that shape our experiences and the context in which we operate, setting the foundation for the application of two different theories towards transformative change.

Combining Bianca Williams’ framework of Radical Honesty with A Systems Approach to Change©, participants will work towards developing a plan for tangible steps they can take towards transformative change in their individual realms.

All staff and faculty who have completed Identity & Inclusion Part 1 & Part 2 are welcome to register.


Dina Levi, Director of Inclusive Leadership - Office of Diversity and Inclusion

TBD TBD (in-person)

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