Brick building with black shuddered windows and a white door

The Bailey Brown House

Housing for Sponsored Artists and Scholars

As part of AAI's mission to connect artists with the broader Amherst community, we provide short-term housing for visiting artists and scholars at the Bailey Brown House, located at 19 Hitchcock Road.

The Bailey Brown House also serves as a gathering place for participants in the AAI. A variety of social and other kinds of sharing events are held each year.  As a guest residence, the house is used primarily by participants in the AAI to host artists and scholars visiting campus as part of the AAI's mission. In addition, space is often available for housing guests who spend time with our community to collaborate on faculty and staff projects, work on departmental and student-oriented projects, stimulate public and classroom conversations around the arts, and in short and long term residences for sharing new work.

Inquiries regarding guest housing are welcomed throughout the year.