Sparkle Motion is the Amherst College Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team. We like to think of ourselves as a triple threat, both on and off the field: Fierce, Fun, and Fabulous.

We play in both the fall and spring, with the spring being our official college season.

By day, we practice hard during the week and then put on our game faces and travel around New England competing in tournaments such as Sectionals, Halloween Hat, and Yale Cup. Over spring break, we road trip to St. Simons, Georgia to partake in the phenomenon known as High Tide, a week-long tournament and all-encompassing ultimate experience in which we get the chance to meet and compete against colleges from around the country (as well as enjoy the beach!)
By night, we like to kick off our cleats, hang loose, and enjoy each other's stupendous company with T-shirt making, team dinners, and movie nights. Last but not least, when we party, we've been known to get funky with crazy costume themes and fun!

Sparkle Motion is a student-run club sports team. We receive funding through the Amherst Association of Students, which covers the costs of our Fierce coach, Mr. Robin DeMartino.

For more information, questions, or comments, please email: