Giving Priorities

Supporting Excellence

Amherst will continue to bring together faculty dedicated to the highest standards of intellectual inquiry and instruction, and the most promising students, whatever their financial need.

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Sciences & Math

Student interest and enrollment in STEM fields have surged at Amherst. We aim to make good on our promise of an 8:1 student-faculty ratio by expanding the faculty.

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Amherst faculty are redesigning courses and majors, considering more shared intellectual experiences, emphasizing communication and providing students with opportunities to learn by doing.

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Community & Belonging

Amherst seeks to create a diverse intellectual community in which all three terms in that phrase are as meaningful as the middle one has always been.

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Critical Facilities

Some of our aspirations for Amherst’s third century depend on our built environment, from the  Science Center and Greenway to a new Student Center and updated student housing.

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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund has been key to the College’s excellence over time, allowing us to apply resources as needed across campus. The Amherst Fund is one of the most popular ways to support the College.

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First page from the campaign case statement showing two alumni and the text:

Promise Campaign Case Statement

From the moment of its founding in 1821, Amherst College has been a place for students of promise.