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The President's Arrival

One of three helicopters delivering Kennedy
and his military escorts preparing to land

The three helicopters landed on Memorial Field at about 11:30.
One of the helicopters carried the presidential seal for use
on the convocation and groundbreaking podiums and a
chair for Kennedy’s use at the convocation.

College President Calvin Plimpton ’39, U.S. President
John F. Kennedy, and J. Alfred Guest ’33, Secretary of the
Board of Trustees, at the Presidential Convocation
and Groundbreaking for the Robert Frost Library,
October 26, 1963

Student and faculty supporters of Kennedy’s Civil Rights program
made their beliefs known at a silent vigil in front of Kirby Theatre.

This was such a significant event that the media had rooms
at its disposal. Almost 130 members of the media were
involved in the coverage, including about 40 members
of the White House Press staff, in addition to 70 technicians.
The press room was equipped with typewriters, 15 long
distance telephones, 4 pay telephones, 2 campus
telephones, and 8 Western Union teletype machines.

Photograph by Don Witkowski, 1963


Peter Schrag ’53, Secretary of the College and Director of Publications -- in the center, wearing glasses -- orchestrated the complicated media accommodations for coverage of the event

The Convocation Ceremony