Purple Sand & Cinnabar: Variations on the Yixing Teapot
April 9 - July 31, 2005
Fairchild Gallery

Organized by Adrienne Lei (Amherst College, Class of 2005) in conjunction with her Senior Thesis. Purple Sand & Cinnabar: Variations on the Yixing Teapot will explore the aesthetics of the Yixing teapot, from its origins in northern China, to export wares produced for foreign markets, Yixing-inspired ceramics in the West, and even radical new directions taken by contemporary artists trained in the Yixing tradition.

The exhibition will open with a gallery talk presented by guest student curator Ms. Lei, on Saturday, April 9th, at 3:00 p.m. , followed by a tea reception. This event is co-sponsored by the Association of Amherst Students (AAS), the Asian Culture House (ACH), the Asian Students Association (ASA), the Alpha Delta Phi Fund, and Asian Alumni Weekend. The exhibition is sponsored in part by the Association of Fine Arts (AFA).

Matisse - Picasso
April 9 -July 31, 2005
Fairchild Gallery

Researching works by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse in the collection of the Mead, Kristin Bradley (Class of 2005), is the curator of this exhibition, which brings together graphic art and ceramics by two of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. Works from the Mead's permanent collection will be featured with additional loans from the Smith College Museum of Art. Ms. Bradley, who is a double major in Biology and Fine Arts and one of the Mead student docents, will deliver a gallery talk in conjunction with the exhibition on Tuesday, May 3, at noon , in Fairchild Gallery. Her talk will focus on selected works in the show including Matisse's 1925 Odalisque with a Bowl of Fruit and Picasso's Dream and Lie of Franco of 1937. The exhibition is sponsored in part by a grant from the Alpha Delta Phi Fund to support research and the Association of Fine Arts (AFA).

Student Presentations:

Adrienne Lei (Class of 2005),
Contemporary Yixing
Saturday, 9 April 2005, 3:00

Nadia Marx (Class of 2005),
The Dismembered Body: Process and
Fragmentation in the Works of Kiki Smith
Thursday, 21 April 2005, 4:30

Kristin Bradley (Class of 2005),
Matisse - Picasso
Tuesday, 3 May 2005, Noon