a drawer containing fossils

The Beneski Museum maintains several natural history collections, totaling nearly 200,000 objects, many of which are available for research. At this time, the Beneski Museum does not have online or searchable collections databases.

For inquiries regarding the museum’s holdings, contact Hayley Singleton Head of Collections and Operations

Research Visits

Professional researchers and students at accredited educational and scholarly institutions can propose research visits. Proposals must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of the requested date, and should specify proposed research methods (e.g., photography, measurement, scanning, molding, genetic analysis, etc.) as well as a description of the intended results of study. Professional researchers should indicate their publication goals; students may indicate course or thesis work related to their request.


Loans for teaching and professional research are considered on a case-by-case basis, and are made only to qualifying educational or scholarly institutions, not to individuals. The maximum duration of any loan is one year. Loans may be recalled at any time however.

Images for Publication

The Beneski Museum does not maintain an image library. Images for publication must be obtained by the publishing author. While casual photography (no tripods/unipods) for personal use is allowed in all of the museum galleries, professional photography intended for publication must be scheduled in advance, and permission must be obtained before any image or other media may be published (including on websites).