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Monday, 5/21

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Cage Free Scrambled Eggs; Cage Free Hard Boiled Egg; Uncured Bacon; O'Brien Potatoes; Ancient Grain Hot Cereal; Maine Rolled Oats; Fresh Fruit Salad; Applesauce; Greek Yogurt; Nonfat Plain Yogurt

Pastry Selection

English Muffin; Assorted Bagels



Pastrami; Roast Beef; Ovengold Turkey Breast; Sweet Sliced Ham; Cheese Provolone Sliced; White American Cheese; White Cheddar Cheese; Swiss Cheese; Egg Salad; Tuna Salad; Blue Corn Tortilla Chips; Cape Cod Kettle Chips


Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies; Chocolate Chip Cookie


3 Bean Chili


Grilled Chicken Breast; Steamed Green Beans; Roasted Carrots; Steamed Kale; Baked Sweet Potato; Baked Potato; Brown Rice; Freekeh; White Rice; Protein Plus Spaghetti; Whole Wheat Penne; Marinara Sauce; Bolognese Sauce



Vegan Pina Colada Cake; Pineapple-Coconut Cake

Lighter Side

Fresh Catch of the Day; Grilled Chicken Breast; Steamed Swiss Chard; Baked Sweet Potato; Quinoa; Brown Rice; White Rice


Vegan Three Bean Chili


Black Bean Frijoles; Zucchini Corn Fajita Filling; Black Bean Veggie Burrito; Tortilla; Beef Fajita Filling; Chicken Fajita Filling; Green Rice with Cilantro; Guacamole; Steamed Sugar Snap Peas; Roasted Harvest Vegetable Blend

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Stops near the college during the next 24 hours are listed below. Last updated at 9:57am

30 - North Amherst / Old Belchertown Rd

North Amherst

Leaves Churchill Street at:
10:24a, 10:54a, 11:24a, 11:54a, 12:24p

Old Belchertown Road

Leaves Amherst Town Hall at:
10:25a, 10:55a, 11:25a, 11:55a, 12:25p

31 - Sunderland / South Amherst


Leaves Amherst Common (N) at:
10:00a, 10:35a, 11:10a, 11:45a, 12:20p

South Amherst

Leaves Amherst Common (S) at:
10:15a, 10:50a, 11:25a, 12:00p, 12:35p

36 - Olympia Dr / Atkins Corner

Olympia Drive via East Pleasant St

Leaves Amherst Common (N) at:
10:04a, 10:49a, 11:34a, 12:19p, 1:04p

Atkins Farm

Leaves Amherst Common (S) at:
10:19a, 11:04a, 11:49a, 12:34p, 1:19p

45 - Belchertown Center / UMass


Leaves Churchill Street at:
10:50a, 1:30p, 5:25p, 6:45p, 8:15p

Belchertown Center via Gatehouse Road

Leaves Amherst Town Hall at:
12:30p, 4:26p, 5:46p, 7:16p, 6:36a

B43 - Northampton/Hadley/Amherst

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst Common (S) at:
10:15a, 10:45a, 11:13a, 12:11p, 12:45p

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst College at:
10:18a, 10:20a, 10:48a, 10:50a, 11:15a

Northampton via Hampshire Mall

Leaves Amherst Common (N) at:
10:21a, 10:51a, 11:16a, 12:16p, 12:51p

R29 - Amherst/Holyoke via Route 116

Amherst via Route 116

Leaves Amherst Common (N) at:
10:45a, 12:45p, 2:45p, 4:45p, 6:45p

Holyoke Transportation Ctr Via Route 116

Leaves Amherst Common (S) at:
11:05a, 1:05p, 3:05p, 5:05p, 7:05p