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Guess what's under construction at this very moment (hint: it will be... Photos that will bridge Amherst College's past and present are made on... The process of preparing campus for the 194th Commencement of Amherst College... Amherst College's Wilder Observatory was constructed in 1903. The... Rising sophomore Sam Croff III heads back to his dorm room to retrieve more... Pathways Mentoring Program mentor Bob Howard talks with a mentee during a... Seeing the rows and stacks of senior theses is a humbling experience,... "Hooked on Aquaponics" student group members and volunteers take a...

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Saturday, 5/23

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Cage Free Scrambled Eggs; Cage Free Fried Egg; Cage Free Hard Boiled Egg; Hash Browns; Smoked Salmon; Breakfast Sausage; Strawberries

Pastry Selection

English Muffin; Assorted Croissants; Assorted Bagels; Assorted Scones





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Catholic Commencement Mass
6:30pm - 7:15pm

Choral Society Commencement Concert

Wednesday, May 27th

Alumni Reunion

Thursday, May 28th

Buckley Chamber Players present "Spring: A Musical Tribute"

Sunday, June 7th

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Scholarly Spotlight

Horton Honored for Excellence in Teaching Statistics

The Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America on Statistics Education has granted Nicholas Horton, professor of statistics, the Robert V. Hogg Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics.The award recognizes Horton as an individual who exhibits both excellence and growth in teaching introductory statistics. He was presented with the award last month at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, Texas.


PVTA Bus Schedules

Stops near the college during the next 24 hours are listed below. Last updated at 1:10pm

30 - North Amherst / Old Belchertown Rd

North Amherst

Leaves Churchill Street (105) at:
1:24p, 2:24p, 3:24p, 4:24p, 5:24p

Old Belchertown Road

Leaves Amherst Town Hall (110) at:
1:55p, 2:55p, 3:55p, 4:55p, 5:55p

31 - Sunderland / South Amherst

South Amherst

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
1:46p, 2:56p, 4:06p, 5:16p, 6:26p


Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
2:05p, 3:15p, 4:25p, 5:35p, 6:45p

36 - Olympia Dr / Atkins C.

Atkins Farm

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
1:18p, 2:03p, 2:48p, 3:33p, 4:18p

Olympia Drive Via E. Pleasent St

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
1:49p, 2:34p, 3:19p, 4:04p, 4:49p

B43 - Northampton/Hadley/Amherst

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
1:40p, 2:40p, 3:40p, 4:40p, 5:40p

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst College (116) at:
1:43p, 1:45p, 2:43p, 2:45p, 3:43p

Northampton via Hampshire Mall

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
1:46p, 2:46p, 3:46p, 4:46p, 5:46p

R29 - Amherst/Holyoke via Route 116

Amherst Express via Route116

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
2:45p, 4:45p, 6:45p, 8:45p, 8:45a

Holyoke Mall Express via Route 116

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
3:05p, 5:05p, 7:05p, 9:05p, 9:05a