Fall 2011

In These Times In These Times
Amherst magazine just turned 100. We’ve plucked 10 decades’ worth of news and photos from past issues. By Emily Gold Boutilier
Amherst Magazine, Fall 2011
Frost, Frost and More Frost

Frost, Frost and More Frost
No one has appeared on our pages more often than Robert Frost, who shared his views on everything from television antennae to “liberals” to metaphor.

The Best Toga Party on Campus “The Best Toga Party on Campus”
How Amherst magazine has covered newfangled developments in computer technology.
Where Are They Now? Where Are They Now?
How 13 alumni have changed in the years since they were first profiled in the magazine. Plus: Five micro-updates
. By Katherine Jamieson
  A Miracle Worker
Dr. Howard W. Jones Jr. ’31 helped to create the first test-tube baby born in the United States. He’s also the only Amherst graduate who’s older than Amherst magazine. By Randi Hutter Epstein

Interviewing Biddy Martin—Courage and hope on 9/11

College Row
Martin’s inauguration—Reunited on campus: the first women to teach at Amherst—Sealing wax and other fancy stuff (like manual typewriters)—And more

Eight seniors will start the winter season with targets on their backs.

Where are the songs of yesteryear?

Amherst Creates
Fiction: David Foster Wallace ’85’s unfinished novel—Health: 75 myths debunked; a journalist argues that we are unwitting guinea pigs of the chemical industry—Baseball: Short hops vs. the Moneyball approach—What Tanya Leise is reading—Short Takes

The Mead Art Museum restores its extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings to their stunning intended appearances.