New Dorms Integrate Academic, Social Life

by Emily Gold Boutilier

The four new residence halls that opened this fall are more than just places to sleep; they’re blurring the line between inside and outside the classroom.

Reframing the American Dream

by Rachael Hanley

In a talk in LeFrak, author Ta-Nehisi Coates said the mission of his life is confronting racism.

When Students Think Otherwise, Or, how Amherst is like a good loaf of bread

by Bill Sweet

Welcoming new students at Convocation, President Biddy Martin unpacked one of the more curious adjectives used to describe the College: yeasty.

Best Shows of the Season

by Constance Congdon

Can't get Hamilton tickets? Amherst’s resident playwright offers five recommendations on what to see on and off Broadway.

Building Community, Two Wheels at a Time

by Rachael Hanley

A student-led bike share is making campus more open and more green.

New Ways to Talk About Guns

by Bill Sweet

At Amherst this year, a subject of intense national debate is inviting close scholarly scrutiny.

Photography for the Modern World

by Rachel Rogol

Justin Kimball, professor of art, has traveled around the country photographing small towns brought to the brink of obsolescence by the nation’s economic crisis.

Mascot Suggestions Wanted

In 2017 Amherst will adopt an official mascot for the first time, and that mascot will be chosen by the community at large.

Meet the New Class

From countries represented, to languages spoken, to the size of the applicant pool, learn more about the Class of 2020.

Name Change for the Career Center

A seven-figure gift is helping the newly named Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning expand its work in connecting students’ intellectual interests to possible career choices.

Environmental Leaders: The Next Generation

by Caroline Hanna

A $2 million revolving fund will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut campus energy use and help students develop real solutions to today’s environmental problems.

Q&A: Exposing Plants to Disease

by Rachael Hanley 

A new grant from the National Institutes of Health will support Associate Professor of Biology Michael Hood and colleagues from two other institutions as they study the evolutionary ecology of disease transmission. 

Courses: Beyond the Punch Line

by Bill Sweet

It’s a subculture often dismissed with a punch line: Nigerians who email unsuspecting victims and convince them to send money in return for nonexistent goods or deals. This semester, 25 Amherst students looked beyond the punch line to the young perpetrators of the infamous scam.

Research: Let Kids Lose

by Caroline Hanna

Unearned victories can make it harder for young children to assess situations, make decisions and figure out whom to trust.