Survey Research

The Office of Institutional Research coordinates and administers a wide range of surveys relevant to student development and University strategic planning. As a part of the COFHE Consortium, our office surveys entering freshmen, currently enrolled students, seniors, alumni, and parents of currently enrolled students.

Requesting Survey Support

Amherst College regularly administers large surveys to undergraduate students at various stages during their academic careers. These surveys provide a rich dataset of measures of student satisfaction and engagement. Surveys administered in cooperation with the COFHE Consortium also have the advantage of the ability to compare Amherst students to undergraduates at comparable institutions of higher education.

The Office of Institutional Research also has access wide range of demographic and academic data about our students and alumni. In many cases, this data will be more accurate and require considerably less effort to gather than using a survey.

Before planning a survey of students, faculty or staff, please consult with the Office of Institutional Research. Many individuals and groups both on and off of our campus wish to conduct surveys of the Amherst community. The number of invitations to participate in on-line surveys is increasingly dramatically.