XEROX Copier / Xerox Printer Info

Do you need help with your Xerox copier or Xerox printer?

Click on the appropriate link below and you will be taken directly to the documentation section for your printer on the Xerox website. Most have videos, or a training and information program you can download and install that will walk you through your copier/printer features.

Need copier supplies or have a repair issue?
Call CBS Blooms 800-821-0009 or online at

For networking or log-in issues, contact the help desk

Xerox 242/252/260

Xerox 3635

Xerox 4595

Xerox 5335

Xerox 5855

Xerox 5875

Xerox 7125

Xerox 7845

Xerox 7855

Xerox D95/125


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