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Brian H. Baisa

Assistant Professor of Economics

Departmental affiliation: Economics

I recently received my Ph.D. from Yale University where my research focused on auction design and game theory.  I studied under the direction of Professor Dirk Bergemann.  Before attending Yale, I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan.

My current research studies auction design in a variety of different settings.  In my paper "Auction Design without Quasilinear Preferences" I study the canonical independent private auction model and remove the standard quasilinearity restriction on bidder preferences.  I show that the solution to the design problem is qualitatively different from the benchmark model.  This paper relates to my ongoing work on incentives in multiunit auctions when preferences are not quasilinear.

My teaching interests are broadly related to my research interests.  I currently teach introductory economics and advanced microeconomics.  I plan to offer other upper level electives on game theory and mechanism design in the coming semesters.