Professor Christopher Dole is a medical anthropologist whose research interests include psychiatric and psychological anthropology, healing and care, theories of subjectivity, secularism and Islam in Turkey, and interdisciplinary approaches to catastrophe and disaster. Professor Dole completed his PhD at Case Western Reserve University and received postdoctoral training in the Department of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University. He has conducted research addressing the politics of religious healing and secularism in Turkey and the psychological impact of counter-terrorism surveillance within Boston’s Arab Muslim communities. His publications include Healing Secular Life: Loss and Devotion in Modern Turkey (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012) and numerous articles that have appeared in the American Anthropologist; Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry; Ethos; International Migration and Human Rights; and the International Journal of Middle East Studies. He is currently working on a project concerned with humanitarian psychiatry and the long-term social and psychological effects of catastrophe in Turkey. 

Selected Publications
Healing Secular Life
 Dole, Christopher. 2012. Healing Secular Life: Loss and Devotion in Modern Turkey. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.


TimeOut Istanbul ("Book of the Month");  American Ethnologist;  Social Anthropology;  International Journal of Middle East Studies;  Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry;  Medical Anthropology Quarterly;  New Perspectives on Turkey;  Savage Minds;  Somatosphere;  Turkish Review;  Anthropos;  Contemporary Islam;  Journal of Islamic Studies
Dole, Christopher. 2015. Seküler Yaşam ve Şifacılık: Modern Türkiye'de Kayıp ve Adanmışlık. İstanbul: Metis. (Turkish translation of Healing Secular Life)
Edited Volumes:
Dole, Christopher, Robert Hayashi, Andrew Poe, Austin Sarat, and Boris Wolfson, eds. 2015. The Time of Catastrophe: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Age of Catastrophe. Ashgate Publishing.
Articles and Chapters:
Dole, Christopher. 2015. “The House That Saddam Built: Protest and Psychiatry in Post-Disaster Turkey.” The Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association.
Dole, Christopher. 2015. “Secular Histories, Saintly Returns: Death and Devotion in Modern Turkey.” In An Anthropology of Living and Dying in the Contemporary World, Veena Das and Clara Han, eds. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Dole, Christopher, et al. 2015. "When Is Catastrophe?: An Introduction.” In The Time of Catastrophe, C. Dole, R. Hayashi, A. Poe, A. Sarat, and B. Wolfson, eds. Ashgate Publishing.
Dole, Christopher. 2012. "Revolution, Occupation, and Love: The 2011 Year in Cultural Anthropology." American Anthropologist 114(2):227-239.
Csordas, Thomas, Christopher Dole, Allen Tran, Mathew Strickland, Michael Storck. 2010. "Ways of Asking, Ways of Telling: A Methodological Comparison of Ethnographic and Research Diagnostic Interviews." Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 34:29-55.
Polich, Ginger (AC ’06), Christopher Dole, and Ted Kaptchuk. 2010. “The Need to Act a Little More ‘Scientific’: Biomedical Researchers Investigating Complementary and Alternative Medicine." Sociology of Health & Illness 32(1):106-122.
Dole, Christopher. 2009. "Security and Insecurity in a Global 'War on Terrorism': Arab-Muslim Immigrant Experience in a Post-9/11 America." In International Migration and Human Rights: The Global Repercussions of US Policy, Samuel Martinez, ed. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Dole, Christopher. 2006. "Mass Media and the Repulsive Allure of Religious Healing: The Cinci Hoca in Turkish Modernity." International Journal of Middle East Studies 38(1):31-54.
Kerr, Daniel and Christopher Dole. 2005. "Cracking the Temp Trap: Day Laborers’ Grievances and Strategies for Change in Cleveland, Ohio." Labor Studies Journal 29(4):87-108.
Dole, Christopher. 2004. "In the Shadows of Medicine and Modernity: Medical Integration and Secular Histories of Religious Healing in Turkey." Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 28(3):255-280.
Dole, Christopher, and Thomas Csordas. 2003. “Trials of Navajo Youth: Identity, Healing, and the Struggle for Maturity.” Ethos 31(3):357-384. [Translated into Portuguese as “Provações dos Jovens Navajos.” Religião & Sociedade 22(2):9-36.]

Selected Awards and Honors

  • NIMH Postdoctoral Training Fellowship, Department of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

  • Miner Crary Sabbatical Research Fellowship, Amherst College

  • Dissertation Research Grant, National Institute of Mental Health

  • Predoctoral Research Fellowship, American Research Institute in Turkey

  • Dissertation Writing Grant, Institute of Turkish Studies, Georgetown University

  • Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Fellow, Seminar in History and Literature, Case Western Reserve University 

Courses Taught

  • Medical Anthropology
  • Culture, Affect, and Psychiatry
  • Anthropology and the Middle East
  • Healing: Meaning, Performance, Power
  • Madness and Politics
  • Global Health: Inequality, Crisis, Care
  • The Social Life of Catastrophe
  • Illness and Meaning (First Year Seminar)
  • Topics in Contemporary Anthropology
  • Exploring Human Diversity: Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology
  • Seminar on Community Health Research (special topics)