Advising Information

Some of my ramblings about science careers and graduate school:

Current advisees will meet with me during Pre-registration or Add/Drop (and are welcome any other time during the semester). We typically chat about choosing a major, major requirements, plan of study, study abroad programs, life at the college, and anything else that comes up.

For information during Pre-Registration

For information during Add/Drop

Prior to our meeting, you should:

1. Explore courses using the on-line course scheduler, which allows you to search easily by semester, department, course times, etc.

2. Copy and paste the list of potential courses into the Preferred Courses page in ACdata.

3. Make an appointment (often via a poll) to meet with me for advising.

Helpful Links:

Biology Majors

Current Biology majors (or those considering Biology as a major) should review the Biology Major requirements. In addition, the upcoming Bio courses page has information for the upcoming semester (use the drop-down menu to select the desired semester).


Neuroscience Majors

Current Neuroscience majors (or those considering Neuroscience as a major) should check out the required courses webpage. In addition, the left-hand column of the Neuroscience Program webpage has information about the components of the Neuroscience major (including Upcoming Courses).

From the Registrar