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Some of my ramblings about science careers and graduate school:

Current advisees will meet with me during Pre-registration (and are welcome to reach out at any other time during the semester). During out meetings, we typically chat about choosing a major, major requirements, plan of study, study abroad programs, life at the college, summer research programs, and anything else that comes up.

For information during Pre-Registration

For information during Add/Drop

Prior to our meeting, you should:

1. Explore courses using the Workday system, which allows you to search easily by semester, department, course times, etc.

2. Populate a list of potential courses in WorkDay.

3. Make an appointment (often via an online poll shared in my advising email) to meet with me for advising.

Helpful Links:

Biology Majors

Current Biology majors (or those considering Biology as a major) should review the Biology Major requirements. In addition, the upcoming Bio courses page has information for the upcoming semester (use the drop-down menu to select the desired semester). 

Neuroscience Majors

Current Neuroscience majors (or those considering Neuroscience as a major) should check out the required courses webpage. In addition, the left-hand column of the Neuroscience Program webpage has information about the components of the Neuroscience major (including Upcoming Courses).

Honors Students

Fall 1-credit course:
 *The 498D course is the “D” double-credit option for if you are an “E” graduating in the Fall.
Spring 2-credit (D = “double") course:
 *The 499 (with no D) course if the single-credit option if you are an E and will take the2-credit course the following fall.

From the Registrar