Admission & Financial Aid

Admission & Financial Aid


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

A candidate’s formal application for admission must be submitted electronically through the Common Application website, accompanied by online payment of the $60 non-refundable application fee or an on-line fee-waiver request. Admitted candidates who intend to enroll at Amherst are required to return the admission response form, along with a nonrefundable $400 advance tuition deposit or a waiver for the advance tuition deposit issued by the Office of Financial Aid.

Comprehensive Fee (Tuition, Room, Board)


Student Activities Fee


Residential Life Fee (not required of off-campus residents)


Campus Center Program Fee


Student Health Insurance (optional)




Students and their designated “Friends and Family” will electronically receive the first semester bill, in the amount of $33,657, in early July. It is due and payable on or before August 14, 2015.  The college will email students asking them to authorize any person(s) who should receive online access to their student account billing information. The sec­ond semester bill, totaling $31,886, is available electronically in early December and is due and payable on or before January 8, 2016. All College scholarships, Tuition Management Systems Payment Plans, and other cash payments received prior to early December will appear as credits on the bill.

The Association of Amherst Students Budgetary Committee sets the student activities fee. This $630 fee is turned over to the committee, which disburses it among more than 100 student organizations, clubs, groups and activities. It supports social, educational and community building programs, as well as such organizations as student newspapers, magazines, the radio station, the yearbook and student government. Six dollars of the fee helps to underwrite the Five College Performing Arts Program, which allows students at all Five Colleges to receive a discounted ticket price for all Fine Arts Center-sponsored programs. In addition to the Student Activities Fee, two other fees are used to promote student activities: the $118 Residential Life Fee and the $84 Campus Center Program Fee.

The $1,771 fee for student health insurance is for 12 months of Accident and Sickness Insurance, from August 15, 2015, through Au­gust 14, 2016. This fee covers all clinical services provided on campus at the Amherst College Student Health Service. Further details concerning the Student Health Services and the Student Health Insurance Plan appear in the Amherst College Student Handbook.

Guarantee Deposit

Each new student is charged a $175 fee, as are reentering former students who have not previously paid this fee. Included in the $175 guarantee deposit is a $25 transcript fee, which provides all students the opportunity to receive transcripts upon request, with no additional charge. This part of the fee is a non-refundable charge. The $150 balance is refundable after a student graduates or otherwise leaves the College, less any unpaid charges on his or her account.

Miscellaneous charges such as fees for late registration, extra courses, li­brary fines, lost or damaged property, etc., are payable when incurred.

Payment Plans
For those who wish the convenience of monthly payments, we have made arrangements for pre-payment plans, including insurance for continued pay­ment in case of death or disability of the parent. For further details contact Tu­ition Management Systems at

Tuition Changes
Despite every effort to maintain College fees at the lowest possible level, Amherst has found it necessary to increase the tuition fee in the past. Therefore, we advise students and parents that such increases may be neces­sary in subsequent years. The College attempts to notify students of tuition changes as early as possible during the preceding academic year. Financial aid awards will be based on the schedule of fees in effect during the year of the award. Students who may require financial aid as the result of tuition changes are eligible to make an application whenever necessary.

Refund Policy
In case of withdrawal before the opening day of a semester, all charges ex­cept the Advanced Tuition Deposit will be cancelled. (See Conduct)

Refund of payment or credit on student accounts in the event of with­drawal are as follows:

Withdrawal Date                                                        Amount Refunded

Fall semester

On or before 9/8/15                                                    $24,865.00

9/09 – 9/18                                                                  22,378.50       (90%)

9/19 – 9/27                                                                   12,432.50       (50%)

9/28 – 10/24                                                                   6,216.25       (25%)

10/25 or later                                                                no refund

Spring semester

On or before 1/25/15                                                  $24,865.00

1/26 – 2/04                                                                         22,378.50     (90%)

2/05 – 2/13                                                             12,432.50          (50%)                                         

2/14 – 3/11                                                               6,216.25    (25%)             

3/12 or later                                                                   no refund                            

Tuition Insurance

Optional insurance supplementing the Amherst refund policy exists for medical withdrawals at 80% of paid tuition through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Information is available at


This is a private program that is not provided, or administered, by the College.  Thus, payments for this program are sent directly to Dewar and not sent to the College.  Please note that this program is not available when a student studies away from Amherst

Scholarship Grants
Upon withdrawal, scholarship grants are cancelled in full when determining cash refunds.







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