Rose Faculty

Rose Olver, Professor of Psychology
and Women’s and Gender Studies

October 1, 2011

2012 will mark 50 years since Rose Olver became the first tenure-track woman to join the faculty at Amherst College. For women faculty who taught at the college in the early years, Amherst was a challenging place to work out their professional and personal lives. The “Gender Matters” symposium brought together former and current women faculty from 1962 to 1984 to examine this critical period in the history of the college and address the lessons the institution can learn from their experiences.

video1 A round-table discussion took place in the morning, in two parts. Part 1 focused on committees, collegiality and the classroom.
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video2 Part 2 focused on evaluation and tenure, work life balance and the 1984 report on the conditions of work for women faculty at the college and its reception by the faculty.
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Biddy Martin Biddy Martin, the first woman president of Amherst, spoke at lunch; she was introduced by Elizabeth Aries.
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video3 An afternoon panel focused on Amherst today: where are we, where should we be and how do we get there. Topics included the curriculum, science and work-life balance.
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Read selected remarks and see photos from the symposium. View full gallery of photos from the weekend.

To learn more about about life at Amherst in the 1950s and 1960s, read an excerpt from Marietta Pritchard’s book Life Support.