Russian Faculty

Tatyana Babyonyshev

Senior Lecturer in Russian

Catherine A. Ciepiela

Howard M. and Martha P. Mitchell Professor of Russian

Stanley J. Rabinowitz

Henry Steele Commager Professor and Professor of Russian (On Leave 1/1/2018 - 6/30/2018)

Boris Wolfson

Boris Wolfson

Associate Professor of Russian; Chair of Russian

Contributing Faculty

Polina Barskova

5C Associate Professor of Russian Literature

Sergey Glebov

Associate Professor of History

Michael M. Kunichika

Associate Professor of Russian

Emeritus Faculty

Dale E. Peterson

Eliza J. Clark Folger Professor of English and Russian, Emeritus

Viktoria Schweitzer

Senior Lecturer in Russian, Emerita

Jane A. Taubman

Professor of Russian, Emerita


Elizabeth H. Damon

Academic Department Coordinator