Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is a multi-disciplined department that is tasked with the responsibility of designing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive health, safety and environmental protection program for Amherst College. Through inspections, interdepartmental collaboration, local, state and federal regulatory compliance, systems design and planning and training, the goal of the department is to prevent accidents, facility and property damage or impairment, health related issues, environmental damage and other incidents that place people, property or the environment at risk. In addition, EH&S responds to a broad variation of concerns and emergencies that include, but is not limited to leaks, odors and spills of both nuisance and hazardous materials, fire and life safety issues, health and sanitation concerns, indoor air quality, pest control and and matters of public health.

Working with faculty, staff, students, contractors, visitors and local, state and federal regulatory agencies, the EH&S department develops plans, programs, procedures and best management practices to protect and appropriately respond to our community, its facilities and the environment

EH&S is responsible for a number of programs and associated regulatory training which include, but not limited to; asbestos, lead and PCB inspections, testing and abatements, building, fire and life safety, chemical and laboratory safety, construction and workplace health and safety, emergency preparedness and response, environmental compliance, hazardous materials and waste, health and sanitation, incident, illness and injury reporting, occupational health and safety, vehicle registration, pest control and public health.