Getting Started

The LaTeX Project - Here you can download free LaTeX software and find more information, documentation, and tutorials. 

Overleaf - This is an online LaTeX collaborative writing and publishing tool. Here you can typeset in LaTeX without downloading any software. There are templates and tutorials available here also. 

Additional Support

Office Hours - Please feel free to ask me for help with LaTeX! 

LaTeX on Wikibooks - a thorough guide to typesetting with LaTeX. 

A brisk introduction to LaTeX - a nice guide to the basics and a good place to get started. 

Short Math Guide for LaTeX - This is a short guide to writing formulas using the amsmath and amssymb packages. This guide gives examples of the commonly used math environments and lists that include most common symbols. 

User's Guide for the amsmath Package  - the official, comprehensive guide to the amsmath package.

Detexify - Draw a symbol and this online app will suggest code. 

Sample Files