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Patricia B. O'Hara

Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Chemistry

(On Leave 7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015)

Departmental affiliations:Biochemistry-Biophysics; Chemistry


Scholarly interests include fluorescence ensemble and single molecule measurements, biomolecular dynamics, and protein - small molecule interactions. My teaching interests are situated in Biophysical and General Chemistry, with some courses in general science topics sprinkled in. At the College, I have served on most committees at least once and am now Dean of New Students.

Curriculum Vitae

Patricia Bernadette O'Hara
Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Chemistry
Dean of New Students
Department of Chemistry, Amherst College
Amherst, Massachusetts 01002-5000
pbohara@amherst.edu    phone (413) 542-2732


1976-1981    Columbia U.     Ph.D Biophysical Chemistry    
1972-1976    Adelphi U.        B.A. Chemistry            


2010-2013       Dean of New Students

2008-2009      Senior Advisor to the Dean for Academic Life, Amherst College

1995-                 Professor of Chemistry, Amherst College, Chair (1999-2002)

2004-2005      Senior Sabbatical Fellowship, IECB, Bordeaux, France

2002-2004      Thalheimer Professorship, Amherst College

1994-1997        Bruss Reader, Amherst College

1997-1998        Visiting Scholar/Professor, UMass Amherst w. Craig Martin

1993-1994        Visiting Scientist, Boston Biomedical Research Institute

1989-1995        Associate Professor, Amherst College

1987-1988        Visiting Professor, Penn. State University

1983-1989        Assistant Professor, Amherst College

1981-1983        Postdoctoral Research, Stanford University with S.G. Boxer

1976-1983        Graduate Research at Columbia University with R.A. Bersohn

1974-1976        Undergraduate Research at Adelphi University with S.Y. Moon


ACS, AWIS, AAUP, AAAS, Biophysical Society, CRUI, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa;
Advisory Board: U.Mass HHMI Grant to Molecular Chemistry and Biology (2006-present)
Steering Committee, Preparation of Future Faculty program, UMASS, ACS (1999-2004)


Grants for Beckman, NSF, NIH, Research Corp, PRF, CRUI; Research articles for JACS, J. Chem. Ed., J. Inorg. Chem, and others; Textbooks for ACS, Nat. Com. on Sci. Ed. Standards & Assessment ; Program Reviewer:  Chem Dept: Holyoke Community College, Skidmore College


Chemistry Courses: Chemical Basis of Human Physiology, Molecular and Cellular
Biophysics, Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic
Chemistry Laboratory
Interdisciplinary Courses:  Genomics First Year Seminar, Medical Risk Assessment,
Women in Science, Evolution/Revolution First Year Seminar
Science Teacher Training Workshops: Interdisciplinary Course on Light, Molecular
Visualization; Revisiting the Central Dogma of Biology from the perspective of
Green Fluorescent Protein, Luminescence;
Interterm Courses: k-12 Out-Teach, Phoenix Program, Strange Americans  Summer Global Learning Course:  Zeytin at Ege de Atölye (Olives at Aegean Workshop)


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