Professional and Biographical Information


PhD (Government), Harvard University (2014)
A.M. (Government), Harvard University (2008)
B.A., summa cum laude (Political Science - International Relations and French Language & Literature), Williams College (2006)

Research Interests

My research agenda analyzes the political and societal impact of globalization, supranational integration and increasingly porous borders. I explore the political phenomena associated with a world in which people's experiential space no longer coincides with national space, and there is a mismatch between the boundaries of social, political and economic life, and those of the nation-state. Specific interests include international migration, cyberpolitics, varieties of citizenship, European politics, the European Union, post-communist politics and societies, democratization, civil society, and transnational rights.

My book manuscript Citizens of the Market: How High-Mobility Migration Transforms Politics and Societies in the European Union examines how free movement across national borders shapes lives and living-making strategies, values, political and economic preferences, voting, and the state-citizen relationship in the migrants' countries of origin.


Paul, Ruxandra (2017) “Welfare Without Borders: Unpacking the Bases of Transnational Social Protection for International Migrants,” Oxford Development Studies, special issue on Global Social Protections co-edited by Peggy Levitt and Jocelyn Viterna, 45, 1: 33-46

Paul, Ruxandra (2015) “Ending Ebola: A Moving Target,” PS: Political Science & Politics 48, 1 (January), and “Introduction” (with Ken Sherrill); guest editor of the cover-featured symposium The Politics and Policy of Ebola

Paul, Ruxandra (2013) “Space, the final frontier of socialisation research: Geopolitical contexts, migrant resocialisation and political remittances” in Abendschön, Simone (ed.), Growing into Politics: Contexts and Timing of Political Socialisation, Colchester, UK: ECPR Press; pp. 183-215

Other Publications

Paul, Ruxandra (2015) “The Democratic Compromise” (original title “Carul cu fan si compromisul democratic” – article on cybersecurity, bulk data collection and surveillance), Foreign Policy - Romania, no. 46 (June-July), pp. 34-47

Paul, Ruxandra (2015) Book review, Kathy Burrell & Kathrin Hörschelmann (eds.) Mobilities in Socialist and Post-Socialist States. Societies on the Move, Europe-Asia Studies, 67, 7 (September – forthcoming)

Paul, Ruxandra, Jesse-Douglas Mathewson and Brian D. Williams (2013) “2013 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference and Track Summaries – Core Curriculum/General Education,” PS: Political Science & Politics, 46, 3 (July)

Paul, Ruxandra (2012) “Six choses que Valls doit savoir avant d’aller en Roumanie,” Courrier International, Sept. 10th

 Weekly column: VEDERI DIN AMERICAin Romania’s leading daily newspaper Romania Libera,2011-2012

Working Papers

“Citizens of the Market: The Socio-Political Effects of High-Mobility Migration in Migrant-Sending Countries”

"The Stateness Problem in Transatlantic Perspective: Responses to Migration Crises in Europe and America"

"The Nation as a Digital Plebiscite: Collectives, Community and Continued Consent in Contemporary Politics"

“Is Migration Fraying the Social Fabric of European Democracy? Examining How Societies React to Migration and How Migration Shapes Civil Societies” (w/ Andrei Roman, Harvard University)

“The ‘Roma Question’: Exclusion and Threat in the Making of European Identity – Subnational Variation in Roma Expulsions in France” (w/ Volha Charnysh, Harvard University)

Teaching Interests

I often build on current events, issues and news stories. Students learn how they can apply the analytical toolkit of political science to gain a more incisive and sophisticated understanding of political phenomena. Each class provides interactive and real-world relevant learning experiences, allowing students to acquire knowledge and practice skills that they can rely on in their future lives as citizens-intellectuals-communicators. I teach classes that align with my research interests (international migration, cyberpolitics, European politics, European integration). I encourage students to approach existing paradigms critically and enter the academic conversation boldly, challenging - as needed - the canon to develop new ideas.

Awards and Honors

Harvard Academy Dissertation Fellowship, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, 2011-2012

Chateaubriand Fellowship of the French Government for Humanities and Social Sciences, 2009-2010

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs research grant, Harvard University, 2010-2011

Krupp Foundation research grant, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard, 2009

Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies travel grant, Harvard University, 2009

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences research and conference grants, 2009 and 2011

Graduate Student of the Year Prize(N. America), League of Romanian Students Abroad, Bucharest, Romania, 2011

James P. Baxter III Honor Scholarship, Williams College, 2005-2006

Bronfman Family Scholarship, Williams College, 2003-2006

Ruchman Fellow, Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Williams College 2005-2006

Teaching Awards

Hoopes Prize for Excellence in the Art of Teaching, Harvard University, May 2012

Teagle Foundation Award, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University, May 2012

Certificate of Achievement in the Practice of Teaching in Higher Education, Harvard University, May 2012

Harvard University Certificate of Teaching Excellence: 2014 (Spring & Fall), 2015 (Spring & Fall), and 2016 (Spring) for the two new courses on migration and cyberpolitics that I designed and taught); 2009 and 2013 (as a Teaching Fellow)

Recent Invited Presentations

Invited Speaker, Columbia Academic Symposium on International Relations, "Democracy and Globalization: Challenges and Changes" - Panel: "Data Protection and Democratic Access to Information," a session about the adoption of the 2016 General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union, Columbia University, New York, April 2017

Invited Presentation, Pardee School Initiative on Forced Migration and Human Trafficking, Boston University School of Global Studies, Boston, MA, December 2016

Invited Speaker, "Voiced from Europe: The Rise of the Right and the Aftermath of US Elections," Mount Holyoke College, November 2016

Invited speaker (“Migrants and refugees: challenge or development opportunity”), Annual International Security Conference, The security-development nexus and its policy impact – A United Nations perspective, Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations, New York, March 2016

Colloquium Lecturer, The 31st Annual Norris and Margery Bendetson EPIIC (Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship) International Symposium “Europe in Turmoil,” Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University, February 2016

Keynote address: “International Migration in the Current Globalization Era,” Workshop on “Global Migration in the 21st Century: Understanding How and Why People Move,” Global Studies Outreach Committee, Harvard University, August 2015

Invited speaker, Symposium The Harvard Experiment: Developing Scholars and Leaders through Intergenerational Education, Harvard University, May 14, 2015 

Contributor, Harvard Widener Library multimedia archive on the Charlie Hebdo attacks, May 2015

“Who is Charlie? A discussion about race, terrorism, secularism, immigration and free speech in France,” Harvard University Francophone Society (other panelists: Rachel Gillett and Arthur Goldhammer), January 2015

“International Migration and Diaspora in World Politics,” Boston University, November 2014

“Democracy and New Technologies,” Harvard University, April 2014


I am a Certified Group Exercise Instructor (American Fitness and Aerobics Association), certified Zumba instructor, and certified Barre instructor. I first taught fitness classes at Harvard. I now teach Barre and Cardio step classes at Amherst College.

Other interests: music (piano, guitar, vocal), long-distance running, foreign languages, writing, journalism, travels, hiking, film, theater, art and art history