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About Amherst College


ROTC and Veterans


Amherst College offers interested students the opportunity to pursue a commis­sion as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force through an affiliation with the USAF ROTC Detachment 370 at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, located less than two miles from the Amherst College campus. The program combines traditional classroom instruction, hands-on leadership training and physical fitness training. Amherst College students do not receive degree credit for participation in the courses. The combined man­datory requirements are five hours per week for underclass students and six hours per week for up­perclass students. Scholarship funding is available on a competitive basis for qualified applicants, and “express” scholarship funding is available for quali­fied applicants in specific majors. Interested Amherst College students should explore the ROTC experience by seeking more information below:

Phone: 413-545-2437/2451

Email: afrotc@acad.umass.edu

Website: http://www.umass.edu/afrotc


Air Force ROTC one- to four-year college scholarships are available on a com­petitive basis to qualifying high school and college students. Scholarship re­cipients are selected using the whole-person concept. This includes objective factors (grade point average) and subjective factors (interview evaluation). In selected academic areas, scholarships may be extended to meet a five-year de­gree program recognized by the College. Most scholarships cover full college tuition and most laboratory fees and mandatory fees, plus a tax-free allowance during the school year ranging from $300 to $500 per month, and an annual $900 textbook stipend.


Amherst College offers the opportunity to train and become an officer in the United States Army through the Department of Military Leadership at the University of Massachusetts. The Military Leadership curriculum provides leadership and management training experience and is open to any Amherst College student who wishes to participate. Amherst students do not receive degree credit for participation in the courses. While all students receive the same experience in using Army equipment, uniforms and training techniques, those students desiring a commission have scholarship opportunities available to them. Army ROTC scholarships are offered for periods of four, three and two years and are awarded on a merit basis to the most outstanding applicants.  Scholarships cover full tuition and fees with a stipend of up to $500 per month.

Visit www.umass.edu/armyrotc or call (413) 687-1429 for more information.


Eligible veterans may enroll in Air Force ROTC while in college, complete de­gree requirements and earn an Air Force Commission. Veterans can use their  veterans’ benefits, receive the tax-free allowance and compete for other scholarship and financial aid programs.

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