Biology Faculty

Ethan D. Clotfelter
Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
Interests: Behavioral ecology, reproductive physiology, and environmental toxicology using bird and fish models
Caroline E. Goutte
Professor of Biology
Interests: Molecular mechanisms of cell and developmental biology, genetic analysis of model systems, Notch signaling pathway in C. elegans
Ethan R. Graf
Assistant Professor of Biology
Interests: Synapse development, Drosophila neurobiology, Molecular mechanisms of learning and memory.
Michael E. Hood
Associate Professor of Biology; Chair of Biology
Interests: Evolutionary Genomics, Disease Ecology, Speciation and Hybridization, Plants and Fungi.
Rachel A. Levin
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies
Interests: Plant systematics & biodiversity, Biogeography, Ecology and evolution of fragrance, Economic botany
Jill S. Miller
Associate Professor of Biology
Interests: Ecology and evolution of plant reproductive systems, molecular phylogenetic systematics, population and evolutionary genetics, hybridization and speciation
Dominic L. Poccia
Rufus Tyler Lincoln Professor of Biology
Interests: Mechanisms of membrane fusion, fertilization and cell cycle regulation.
Alexandra E. Purdy
Assistant Professor of Biology
Interests: Host-microbe interactions; bacterial pathogenesis; marine microbiology; bacterial diversity and evolution; bacterial genetics
David I. Ratner
Alfred Sargent Lee '41 and Mary Farley Ames Lee Professor of Biology
Interests: Cellular differentiation in Dictyostelium amoebae; ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis; signal transduction pathways
Ethan J. Temeles
Thomas B. Walton, Jr. Memorial Professor of Biology; Chair of Environmental Studies
Interests: Foraging behavior; Territoriality; Intra- and Interspecific competition; Resource partitioning; Mutualism; Coevolution;
Sexual dimorphisms and polymorphisms
Josef G. Trapani
Assistant Professor of Biology (On Leave 1/1/2015 - 6/30/2015)
Interests: Sensory neurobiology, zebrafish physiology, neurophysiology
Patrick L. Williamson
Edward H. Harkness Professor of Biology; Chair of Biochemistry-Biophysics
Interests: Lipid bilayer organization; lipid asymmetry; transbilayer lipid transport; recognition and removal of apoptotic cells

Contributing Faculty

Anthony C. Bishop
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Jacqueline M. Dresch
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Interests: Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Parameter Estimation, Bioinformatics, Image Processing
Julia A. Emerson
Biology Lab Coordinator
Anne Gershenson
Visiting Associate Professor
William A. Loinaz
Professor of Physics

Emeritus Faculty

Stephen A. George
The Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences, Emeritus (Biology and Neuroscience)
Interests: Neurobiology: plasticity in the visual system. Neurophysiology: modelling of ion channel activation.
Richard A. Goldsby
Thomas B. Walton Jr. Memorial Professor of Biology Emeritus
William F. Zimmerman
Professor of Biology, Emeritus


Elizabeth A. Daniele
Research Assistant
Valerie A. Hale
Research Technician
Alan R. Krause
Greenhouse Manager
Maureen G. Manning
Research Laboratory Coordinator
Shelly A. Martin
Associate Academic Department Coordinator
Lori A. Nichols
Biology Technician
Tracie L. Rubeck
Academic Department Coordinator

McGuire Life Sciences Building