Courses in Black Studies

Fall 2012

BLST-111 Introduction to Black Studies

Khary O. Polk (Section 01)

BLST-132 Foundations of African American Literature

Marisa Parham (Section 01)

BLST-191 Black Diaspora from Africa to the Haitian Revolution

J. Celso Castro Alves (Section 01)

BLST-200 Critical Debates in Black Studies

TBA (Section 01)

BLST-203 Women Writers of Africa and the African Diaspora

Carol Y. Bailey (Section 01)

BLST-204 African Popular Music

Olabode F. Omojola (Section 01)

BLST-238 African-American Religious History

David W. Wills (Section 01)

BLST-244 Jazz History After 1945: Experimentalism, Pluralism, and Traditionalism

Jason Robinson (Section 01)

BLST-245 Introduction to African-American Philosophy

John E. Drabinski (Section 01)

BLST-246 Race and Politics in the United States

Dean E. Robinson (Section 01)

BLST-252 Caribbean Poetry: The Anglophone Tradition

BLST-293 African Art and the Diaspora

Rowland O. Abiodun (Section 01)

BLST-313 Visual Arts and Orature in Africa

Rowland O. Abiodun (Section 01)

BLST-321 Riot and Rebellion in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa

Sean Redding (Section 01)

BLST-331 The Black Arts Movement

Julia A. Rabig (Section 01)

BLST-335 Du Bois and After

John E. Drabinski (Section 01)

BLST-491 Black Marxism

J. Celso Castro Alves (Section 01)