Practice rooms are available to students in a variety of configurations.

Open-Access Practice Rooms

Rooms 209 and 221 will be left unlocked at all times and will be open on a first come-first served basis to anyone in the Amherst College community free of charge. These rooms may be used anytime the building is open.

Controlled-Access Practice Rooms

All practice rooms except for rooms 209 and 221 will remain locked, and are available only to those individuals who have signed up for practice room access. All practice rooms may be opened by a single key, which will be distributed during the first two weeks of classes from 9:30 a.m. until noon, Monday through Friday.  

Students Wishing to Reserve Practice Time:

Any Amherst or Five-College students enrolled in Amherst College music courses may reserve practice time. Amherst College students enrolled in performance courses may reserve two hours per day up to fourteen hours per week; students not enrolled in performance courses may reserve one hour per day up to seven hours per week. Complete the form at the link to get access to the reservations.


Regulations Concerning Practice Room Sign-up and the Issuing/Returning of Keys:

  1. Students may sign up for a practice room access key during the first two weeks of each semester Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. until noon.
  2. Amherst College students may arrange for instrument and music locker rental during the first two weeks as well. 
  3. All keys must be returned by the last day of the examination period at the end of the second semester (or at the end of the first semester for students who will not be using practice rooms during the spring). Underclass students failing to return keys will be denied subsequent registration until the key is returned. A $50 penalty will be charged to the student's College account. Seniors failing to return keys will be denied graduation. A $50 penalty will be charged. Grades in courses enrolled in by Five College students who fail to return practice room keys at the end of the semester will be entered as incomplete.
  4. Practice room keys are exclusively for the use of those to whom they are assigned.
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