Courses in Philosophy

Fall 2017

PHIL-111 Philosophical Questions

Rafeeq Hasan (Section 01)
Jonathan A. Westphal (Section 02)

PHIL-213 Logic

Alexander George (Section 01)

PHIL-217 Ancient Greek Philosophy

Jyl Gentzler (Section 01)

PHIL-332 Metaphysics

Jonathan A. Westphal (Section 01)

PHIL-363 Topics in Continental Philosophy: Nietzsche’s Critique of Morality

Rafeeq Hasan (Section 01)

PHIL-466 Seminar: Faith and Reason

Alexander George (Section 01)

PHIL-469 Seminar: Reasons for Belief and Action.

Nishiten Shah (Section 01)
Ekaterina Vavova (Section 01)

PHIL-497 Senior Honors Seminar

Joseph G. Moore (Section 01)

Related Courses

COSC-241 Artificial Intelligence (Course not offered this semester.)
RELI-278 Christianity, Philosophy, and History in the Nineteenth Century (Course not offered this semester.)