Physics and Astronomy Faculty

Ashley R. Carter
Assistant Professor of Physics
Nicolas B. Cowan
Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Jonathan R. Friedman
Professor of Physics
Daryl Haggard
Assistant Professor of Astronomy
David S. Hall
Paula R. and David J. Avenius 1941 Professor of Physics
David A. Hanneke
Assistant Professor of Physics
Larry R. Hunter
Stone Professor of Natural Sciences (Physics); Chair of Astronomy
Kannan Jagannathan
Bruce B. Benson '43 and Lucy Wilson Benson Professor of Physics
William A. Loinaz
Professor of Physics; Chair of Physics and Astronomy

Emeritus Faculty

Joel E. Gordon
Stone Professor of Natural Science (Physics), Emeritus
George S. Greenstein
Sidney Dillon Professor of Astronomy, Emeritus
Robert C. Hilborn
Amanda and Lisa Cross Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Robert H. Romer
Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Arthur G. Zajonc
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Physics Emeritus


Mishael Coggeshall-Burr
Laboratory Technician I & Safety Monitor
Ellen F. Feld
Academic Department Coordinator
James M. Kubasek
Head of Machine Shop
Norman L. Page
Head of Electronics Shop
Stephen K. Peck
Post Doctoral Fellow

Physics and Astronomy Department

AC# 2244
Amherst College
Amherst, MA 01002-5000
Larry Hunter, Chair