An Honor and An Opportunity: Schupf Fellows

“As a Schupf fellow, I was able to boldly pursue my project of protecting vanishing languages — specifically — the dialect of my hometown Hangzhou... When I applied for the fellowship, I was hoping to transform my project from an academic inquiry to social advocacy, and the fellowship helped me do precisely that... Now, as I apply for graduate programs and pursue a career in the humanitarian field, I find this experience a turning point for me, from a student to a change maker. 
   — Hantong Wu ’23

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The Schupf Fellows Program

Schupf Fellows engage in intensive research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences over the summer months. Through the generosity of H. Axel Schupf ’57, a cohort of twenty rising Amherst sophomores and juniors is funded each year through a competitive selection process to participate in eight weeks of summer research with a faculty member.

About the Program

Schupf Fellows focus on their own research project, under the guidance of a faculty mentor; work on a project related to a faculty member's research; or conduct collaborative research with a group of students, under the guidance of a faculty member. Fellows also take part in programming that has been designed to help them make progress on their near- and long-term academic, professional, and personal goals. Students present their work to the campus community in early September, following each summer’s research. A decision about participation for a second summer will be based on a student demonstrating satisfactory progress, and submitting a report at the end of the first summer. Faculty mentor students throughout the course of the fellowship.

Is the Schupf Fellowship the right research option for you? See our FAQs below.

Funding for Fellows

Fellows receive a research stipend of up to $4,880.  (Student compensation is based on hours reported, but it is expected that fellows will work forty hours a week for eight weeks at a rate of $15.25 per hour.)  Fellows are also provided with room and board on campus for eight weeks, beginning June 10. Additional funding may be available to fellows for supplies, archival work, and research-related travel. Decisions about permitting and funding such travel are based on college policies, which are subject to change.

About Schupf Proposals

See ideas and questions to help guide you in developing a proposal for your Schupf application. 


The portal for the Schupf Fellows application will open on February 9, 2024, and applications must be submitted by March 1, 2024. Please note: this deadline has been extended to March 21, 2024. 

Applications to the program must outline a clearly defined project and have the strong support of the faculty member with whom the student will work. Ahead of submitting the application, students must contact a faculty member about serving as a mentor for the summer. Each student must have a mentor in place when applying to the program.  Mentors are asked to write letters of support as part of the application process.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can students who are non-U.S. citizens/residents apply? Yes
  • Can I apply to the program if I am not an Amherst College student? No
  • Does my project have to be under the guidance of an Amherst College faculty member? Yes
  • Can my faculty mentor work at a different institution? No
  • Do I have to be on campus for the work? Yes
  • If I can't be on campus for all eight weeks, can I still participate? No
  • Can a student submit an online application after the deadline? No
  • I made a mistake on my application, can I resubmit?  Please contact the SCHUPF Program Coordinator 
  • Can I also have another job on campus while I am engaged in a Schupf research project? No
  • When are decisions made and how will I be notified? SCHUPF applications will be reviewed in March, and email notifications may be sent out in late March or early April.

Additional questions about the Schupf Fellows Program should be directed to Professor Hastie, faculty director, or Nancy Ratner, director of academic projects for the Schupf Fellows Program.

Celebrating Student Research: The Schupf Fellows’ Poster Session

Students, faculty and staff interact at the Schupf Summer Research poster session.
Zane Khiry ’25 discusses his research with Olufemi Vaughan, chair of Black studies (right).

September 15, 2023

During a poster session, student researchers were on hand to discuss their arts, humanities, and social sciences research and reflect on their Schupf Fellows program experience.