Jacob Worrell ’12e

videoJacob Worrell ’12E, above, is an American veteran who transferred to Amherst. Watch videos of Jacob and other transfer students talking about transitioning to Amherst.
Jacob was recently inducted into the New York State Veterans Hall of Fame.

Mark Hellmer '13, a geology major and student of Russian, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship.

Joe Prive '16E, a Marine Corps veteran and former intelligence specialist in Afghanistan, will soon graduate as a double major in English and Political Science. Read about Joe's path to Amherst.

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Amherst is actively seeking to enroll qualified men and women who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. As part of our commitment, Amherst College participates in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program. For qualifying admitted students, Amherst does not cap Yellow Ribbon spaces and offers an uncapped maximum school contribution per student. Should you fully qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program, your tuition at Amherst will be 100% free. Amherst is able to support unlimited Yellow Ribbon funding through the generous donations to endowed scholarship funds designated for veteran students. 

Applying to Amherst as a U.S. Veteran   Most well-qualified veterans who have enrolled at Amherst began their academic careers at community colleges or other educational institutions.  U.S. veterans interested in transfer admission to Amherst, should consult our information pages for transfer applicants and the Amherst Community College Collaboration Agreement to learn more about the transfer requirements and transfer application process.  Alternatively, qualified U.S. veterans may also apply to Amherst as first-year students.

Special Information for U.S. Veteran Applicants   In general, U.S. veterans follow the same first-year or transfer application process as other applicants do. There are, however, some exceptions to the general process that apply selectively to U.S. veteran applicants:

  • Active Duty U.S. Veteran Applicants:  Ordinarily, applicants for admission to Amherst College are required to submit two academic evaluations from former instructors.  However, if you are currently engaged in active duty in the U.S. military and you are consequently experiencing difficulty obtaining two academic evaluations for your application, please contact Alexandra Hurd, Associate Dean of Admission, to discuss possible alternatives.
  • U.S. Veteran Applicants for Transfer Admission:  Ordinarily, the submission of standardized test results is optional for transfer applicants. However, if you are a U.S. veteran and you have not been enrolled for the past five years in academic coursework eligible for transfer credit, you are strongly advised to submit standardized testing.  Recommended testing includes:
    • SAT (Essay Section recommended)
    • ACT (Writing Test recommended).
  • U.S. Veteran Applicants for First-Year Admission: U.S. veteran applicants are not exempt from the standardized testing requirements for first-year applicants and must submit the same required standardized testing as other first-year applicants. You should submit either of the following:
    • SAT (Essay Section recommended)
    • ACT (Writing Test recommended).

Application Fee Waiver  The college is proud to offer an application fee waiver to any veteran interested in applying through our Quick Pass fee waiver.

Questions?  For more information about applying as a veteran, please contact Associate Dean of Admission Alexandra Hurd at 413-542-2328.

Yellow Ribbon Boxed Logo 160 x 78.jpg Yellow Ribbon Program  For additional information about the Yellow Ribbon Program at Amherst College, contact Jennifer Christian Wright, Assistant Dean of Financial Aid and VA School Certifying Official.

Leadership Scholar Program  Amherst College is a college partner of the United States Marine Corps Leadership Scholar Program (LSP). If you are a transitioning active-duty Marine, you may be eligible to participate. The LSP will guide you through the application and admission process and assist you in meeting the entrance requirements for college. 

Service to School Logo Service to School  Amherst College is a proud partner with Service to School (S2S), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides free application counseling, peer-to-peer guidance, and networking support to all U.S. military service members and veterans at no cost to the applicant. The S2S mission is to help every transitioning military veteran gain admission to the best college or graduate school possible.

Military Friendly School Logo Military Friendly® School  Amherst College has been named a Military Friendly® School, a designation awarded to the top colleges, universities, community colleges and trade schools in the country that are doing the most to embrace military students and to dedicate resources to ensure their success in the classroom and after graduation.